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The DaYan ZhanChi is the fifth cube of the DaYan series and is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the market. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Fast and light
  • Incredibly flexible with corner cutting
  • Turns easily click into place
  • Features built-in torpedoes that minimize popping
Long story short, it’s been used in a ton of places by a ton of people. With this cube, there’s no slowing down.


Cube Dimensions57.0mm x 57.0mm x 57.0mm
Stock Color SchemeDaYan/ShengShou Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - DaYan Stickers
Release DateBefore June 2013

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Replacement Parts3x3 Replacement Parts


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Most Helpful Review

73 of 98 customers found this review helpful
By Michael Draughon on 05 April 2015
Product: DaYan ZhanChi
This cube is great, the turning is smooth and you can get a whole plethora of feelings on this cube, scratchy to buttery to crispy. The only downside is that the center caps fall out very easily, I normally have one fall out every 10 or 20 solves. Overall this cube is great, though.

Newest Reviews

The Dayan Zhanchi.......
By Ross Montgomery on 06 December 2016
Product: DaYan ZhanChi
was first released in 2011 and became many peoples 'instant mains'
it was widley considred to be the best speedcube on he market. But wth all these new fangled 'speedcubes' is it still such a great cube?


yes it is..........................................................-

just buy it it izz good
Great cube
By Kyle Svett on 27 November 2016
Product: DaYan ZhanChi
It's a really good cube turns well corner cuts pretty good but the one I got every time I solve or turn it the center caps fall off and I have to keep putting them back In that's my only problem with this cube
Issues with Center Caps and Logo Sticker
By Will Rogers on 26 November 2016
Product: DaYan ZhanChi
Great cube out of the box. I didn't need to tension or lubricate it. After about month of use logo Sticker began to peel off. The center caps also fall off all the time which has forced me to stop speeding solving with it. Great cube if they would fix the issue with the center caps.
1 of 6 customers found this review helpful
This cube is garbage!
By Epic the Cuber on 18 November 2016
Product: DaYan ZhanChi
Honestly, the DaYan ZhanChi is very bad. If feels very dry and locks up on every algorithm!
Once lubed it is uncontrollable and unstable almost like a Gan 356s v1 due to no corner cutting at all! JK
It is certain that this cube is not meant for the real speed cubers out there. I am currently stuck with it as my main as i only have a rubik's cube and the stickerless DaYan ZhanChi.

Overall, i don't reccomend this cube for intermediates and experts.
0 of 14 customers found this review helpful
By Cdog Lol on 14 November 2016
Product: DaYan ZhanChi - DIY Kit
It pops like crazy and has a dry scratchy feel, I tensioned it well and then it all fell apart... IT IS TRASH!
0 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Not the Best
By Prateek Seth on 02 November 2016
Product: DaYan ZhanChi
I got this cube around a year ago with 5cc of weight 2 lube. When I got it it was in good condition and I lubed it with weight 2. It got faster after only a couple hundred solves and started decreasing my avg. However, lately is has not been doing good as my main. I prefer an aolong or Valk 3 because the zhanchi pops too often and it locks way to often.
I recentky orderered the Cubicle Valk 3 and it is a lot better than the zhanchi. However it is more pricey so I would recommend a Thunderclap which is cheaper and a lot better than a Zhanchi at least.
Overall, the Zhanchi was a nice cube when I got it. After time it wasnt as good and I got really pissed when it locked. My times just werent what they could be so I am now switching over to Cubicle Valk 3.
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