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The DaYan ZhanChi is the fifth cube of the DaYan series and is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the market. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Fast and light
  • Incredibly flexible with corner cutting
  • Turns easily click into place
  • Features built-in torpedoes that minimize popping
Long story short, it’s been used in a ton of places by a ton of people. With this cube, there’s no slowing down.


Cube Dimensions57.0mm x 57.0mm x 57.0mm
Stock Color SchemeDaYan/ShengShou Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - DaYan Stickers

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16 of 22 customers found this review helpful
4 of 5 Stars! CENTER CAPS!!!!
By Michael Draughon on Sunday 05 April, 2015
This cube is great, the turning is smooth and you can get a whole plethora of feelings on this cube, scratchy to buttery to crispy. The only downside is that the center caps fall out very easily, I normally have one fall out every 10 or 20 solves. Overall this cube is great, though.

Newest Reviews

4 of 5 Stars! Good enough if you know how to set it up.
By Casey McFarland on Sunday 22 November, 2015
This cube is a weird one for me. I got my first Zhanchi (in red on some other website) back in 2011 and first used it at my first comp January 3rd of 2015 in Austin,Texas. the cube has been put through its paces, with somewhere in the ballpark of over 200,000 to over 300,000 solves (this was in a period when I never heard about an Aolong, or anything besides a Panshi). This cube, from what I have heard, can be pretty horrible compared to other cubes on the market, but I would like to disagree. starting fresh and buying another DIY kit from the Cubicle, and I had to set one up just to remember what a freshly setup zhanchi would feel like. The cube, to say the least, had a bit of a blocky feel to it, but was comparably fast to say the least. I had some stickers that I had got from the cubicle, but the original shades were always dull to me, but they were good enough if you run out of stickers. The Cube can pop, but that happens on fairly loose tensions, which is a quick fix for anyone wanting to complain about it. I would have it as one of my mains to this day, only if I didn't have the bright idea to put dirt and WD-40 into it, but before I completely killed my new Zhanchi, I could easily hit Sub-13 second singles without a single pop, and I remember atleast hitting a 11.561 single with a 12.xx average sometime ago. In the end, this cube is great if you're in the market up from something cheaper than an Aolong V2, but you are not willing to go below $10 for a decent speed cube. The stock 55 mm cubes, or at least the 50 mm size Zhanchi's, are pretty decent from what I have dealt with, but this would work fine for OH, or any other event that you might want something for competing with. Overall, I would recommend this cube to anyone wanting to step up from a Rubik's brand cube, and you're willing to put in the effort to set one up properly, which, in my opinion, can give the Aolong a run for it's money P.S CrazyBadCuber has a good tutorial on Youtube that I mainly use to set up any 3x3 that I have ever used, or atleast any cube that has a similar mechanism like an Aolong or the Dayan 2x2's. another good tip is to either use the fitted stickers cut here for the Dayan, or 57 mm Fangshi/Aolong stickers rather than the stock stickers cut from the factory and for a good lube, I would recommend Weight 2 all over, set up how CrazyBadCuber has set up in the aforementioned tutorial above. and do not put dirt/sand or WD-40 to any Beginning cubers, use lube either sold here or at a local hobby shop like Traxxas 50k, I have learned this the hard way and I only want to warn you to prevent you messing up a perfect cube.

5 of 5 Stars! This is an amazing cube but... Not for everyone
By Clio Varosy on Monday 16 November, 2015
This is a wonderful and amazing cube and in perfect for me. I am not a very abusive cuber, but if you are I don't recommend this cube. If you are an abusive cuber I recommend the moyu along. But this cube is silky smooth and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a soft cuber.

0 of 1 customers found this review helpful
4 of 5 Stars!
By Jason Ames on Friday 13 November, 2015
It is a good cube I but I have 2 problems it pops about every 4 or 5 solves and it is not when I am truning it realy hard it is manly when I am turning it kinda fast but not as fast as I turn when I try to turn it fast I can and another thing the caps they keep falling off (manly the yellow one for me) but I put a small pice of tape in the shape of a cylinder and on it and it stoped falling off and I have not changed the tensions on it but it is still a good cube because I have droped my time from 55 seconds to 31 seconds (I know it is realy slow)but other than those 2 things it is the best speed cube I have ever had.

4 of 5 Stars! It's O.K.
By Cade Mendoza on Wednesday 11 November, 2015
Ive had this cube for about a month of 1/2 a month,and it is very great,but if you tension it,it pops only if you go really fast so...yeah,the feel is great,and I love it. this cube is my main,well its my only cube. My time is sub 40 if you need to know how...slow i solve :D.

4 of 5 Stars! really good
By Clement Chen on Wednesday 28 October, 2015
I bought this cube from amazon, but out of the box it's amazing!!! it has a really clicky feel that I really like. After breaking in and lubing I found it to have a VERY gummy smooth feel. Lets take a look at some pros and cons. Pros Very nice feel clicky but still very gummy smooth ok corner cutting (could be better) 45 normal three fourths reverse. Cons Can Pop D: Yes it can pop even with torpedoes and mine isn't even on loose tensions, i would consider it tight actually slightly sluggish (can be changed by changing the springs) So all in all this cube is very good with some cons. Even with the gans 356 and moyu weilong, this cube still stands as my main just because of the insandly good feel. Thank you for reading my honeset review of the dayan zanchi

5 of 5 customers found this review helpful
5 of 5 Stars! World Class Speedcube
By Luke Malcolm on Saturday 03 October, 2015
The ZahnChi was my first speed cube that i got about a year ago. When i first got it, it was amazing. Now even when i have shaved 30 sec off( if you are wondering) it is still amazing. I have compared it to other cubes like the aolong and gans 357, and it is a solid contender. Get it and you will be happy

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