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DaYan ZhanChi

4.5/5(48 Reviews)
Recommended Stickers: 3x3 57mm - DaYan Stickers
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The DaYan ZhanChi is the fifth cube of the DaYan series and is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the market. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Fast and light
  • Incredibly flexible with corner cutting
  • Turns easily click into place
  • Features built-in torpedoes that minimize popping
Long story short, it’s been used in a ton of places by a ton of people. With this cube, there’s no slowing down.
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4 of 5 Stars! Thomas Telford
Friday 17 October, 2014
It's a Zhanchi, what can i say? The corner cutting is good, and it is fast and controllable. It has a more blocky feel than other recent 3x3's (aolong v2 for example) and some people like that. I personally don't like this, but overall it is a good cube, and lives up to the standards it set

5 of 5 Stars! Alex Zhou
Wednesday 15 October, 2014
Really think this cube is one of the best in the market, if not THE best! The turning is very smooth and it feels like mahjong when you turn the cube. Definitely cannot put it down when you started it. I recommend this cube to anyone looking for a speedcube better than Shengshou3x3. LOVE IT

5 of 5 Stars! Michael Dasilva
Friday 26 September, 2014
Still better than recent moyu. Personally i dont like moyu at all they are ok but zhanchi is the way to go

4 of 5 Stars! TheBrutux168 .
Monday 22 September, 2014
Great cube for beginners and experts. It is fast yet controllable. It isn't as good as newer cubes on the market but is still definitely capable. Unlike Moyu cubes it really does need lube and working in

4 of 5 Stars! Zachary Camargo
Sunday 07 September, 2014
Great cube! A bit lacking with corner cutting, but does Line to Line EASILY! Highly recommend to all cubers!

3 of 5 Stars! Mason McClung
Thursday 07 August, 2014
Good Cube, but sadly not up to par with recent cubes. Highly recommend to beginners and Intermediate Cubers. Smooth and Great turning with excellent corner cutting make this a great cube for cuber of all levels.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 48 reviews)

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