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FangShi ShuangRen

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The FangShi ShuangRen, “frosted blade” in Chinese, is a recent 3x3 designed by Funs Puzzle. It is 57mm and boasts incredibly liberal corner cutting and easy, fluid movement.

Discontinued Product: This product is being replaced by the FangShi ShuangRen V2, and it will no longer be available once it is sold out.

Please check out the video below for an in-depth product overview made for by Phil Yu:

Alternatively, you may view it here:

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5 of 5 Stars! teddy sommers
Thursday 07 November, 2013
This cube is amazing! Turns really smooth and quiet+incredible corner cutting. Best cube on the market in my opinion.

5 of 5 Stars! Vincent Pham
Sunday 29 September, 2013
Cube is wonderful with out any lube. I love the way it turns when performing Algorithms. get this cube or the Fangshi ShuangRen V2

4 of 5 Stars! Logan Kelley
Saturday 28 September, 2013

5 of 5 Stars! Chris Middlebrooks
Friday 02 August, 2013
Out of the box this cube was a piece of crap, it turned very badly and had a really scratchy and bad feel. However, after being broken in, lubed and tensioned it completely redeemed myself, I find myself playing with it all the time, it is very smooth, and feels different than any other cube I've tried. If you're someone who doesn't lubricate their cubes I wouldn't recommend it. Otherwise its an amazing cube!!!

5 of 5 Stars! Marianne Pasten
Thursday 11 July, 2013
The fangshi shaungren is a great cube and it's very fast. The stickers need replacing so I might buy some stickers from here. The shipping was very fast since i live in Australia overall perfect cube.

5 of 5 Stars! Michael McCarty
Wednesday 03 July, 2013
The Fangshi Shuangren is an overall great cube, but it has some small flaws. Out of the box, this cube has a dry, scratchy, swishy feel. It's very fast as well. Once lubed, tensioned, and broken in with 500+ solves, this cube doesn't have the dry feel anymore and performs great. The corner cutting is great and can go with minimal effort. The reverse cutting is also good, but inconsistent, which can lead to some lockups if you aren't an accurate turner. Due to some lockups, corners can twist, which is also a minor problem. All in all, this is a great cube with a new feel to speedcubes. The performance is the same to any high end 3x3 on the market, but the feeling is where the Fangshi shuangren shines. I definitely recommend it even if you wouldn't like the feel of the cube as a main, as I find myself playing around with it all the time.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 14 reviews)

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