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The YJ GuanSu 4x4 is a new, lightweight 4x4 speedcube with a very low price point. For a budget 4x4, it features surprisingly smooth turning and good overall performance. Great as an inexpensive first speedcube for beginning or intermediate speedcubers!


Cube Dimensions62.0mm x 62.0mm x 62.0mm
Stock Color SchemeMoYu/QiYi Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers4x4 62mm - AoSu Stickers
Release Date21 January 2016

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Most Helpful Review

137 of 152 customers found this review helpful
Great Cube
By Supersolving Cuber on 01 February 2016
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
I recently bought this cube after seeing The Cubicle's video on it. I wanted to see how it would compare to the other budget 4x4s. When I first got this cube I was amazed. It was very fast and smooth and had very few lookups. I have lubed and tensioned this puzzle and it has become my main over the Cyclone Boys G4. I would recommend this cube for anyone looking for a great, cheap 4x4!

Newest Reviews

Decent cube but not the best
By TJ Diver on 09 October 2017
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
Peices fly out, locks up, and can't corner cut but other than that its smooth fast and goo cube for beginners
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
By Sondre E. Egge on 25 September 2017
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
I didn't like this 4x4 at all, I have used it a lot, but it is still as bad as when I got it out off the box, it feels cheap and it corner cut almost nothing. I tried to set it up properly and it got a lot better at the beginning, but after a while it got even worse than before I set it up. so if you are getting into 4x4, spend some more dollars to get a much better feeling of your cube
Decent cube for people who want to learn 4x4 on a budget
By Neil Lawler on 03 September 2017
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
The cube isn't very good for speed solving in my experience because of the very precise alignment required for turns. Turns seem to require a lot of effort as well. I did appreciate the low cost though, and it was an effective cube for me to learn 4x4 techniques! Some reviewers mentioned issues with popping, but that has never come up for me.

Your Training Regimen :
Turn this cube daily for a few weeks in order to build bulky finger muscles!
Decent except for pops
By Simon Dejesus on 20 August 2017
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
Internal white pieces pop out very frequently. I'd say at least 10+% of solves, and I'm not a rough turner. Putting that piece back in isn't very hard, but obviously very incontinent and you risk losing it if cubing in a public play. Price is obviously a big plus but I'd highly recommend spending an extra $5-$10 on a higher quality cube, even if you are a beginner 4x4 solver.
3 of 5 customers found this review helpful
very rough and catchy
By Todd Burr on 11 July 2017
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
I just received my 4x4 today and based on reviews a videos I was very excited for it, but today when I got it out of the box it was quite rough and after a bit it was I little better but not much. then just right now the middle layers starting getting caught on the inside of the rotating mechanism so now I really have to force the middle layers in order to get them to turn horizontally.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Good starter cube
By Aaryan on 10 July 2017
Product: YJ GuanSu 4x4
Good for learning 4x4 but corner cutting is lacking. Good after some setup but not great. You need to be very accurate with your turning and my turning is very rough so I find it very annoying. Algorithms do not flow and I catch all the time, even when turning slow. Another thing to mention: this is a very slow cube. I recommend this to beginners with slow accurate turning who are not going to speedsolove this. Otherwise there are better options that are better worth your money.
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