MoYu WeiLong V2

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The MoYu WeiLong V2 is the second version of the tremendously popular MoYu WeiLong. The most notable change is the way in which the pieces are put together, which allows stickerless variants to be produced. Other than this, the mechanism remains largely unchanged.


Cube Dimensions57.0mm x 57.0mm x 57.0mm
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - WeiLong Stickers
Release Date03 January 2014

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5 of 5 Stars! Great Cube
By Nathan Elverud on Monday 13 April, 2015
Got this a while back in September I think and at the time is was just about to sub 30. I was blown away by the corner cutting. Compared to my stickerless zhanchi, it was amazing. Now I find the cube is getting a little slow for me and I want something faster so I upgraded to the new Hualong. Well I don't know if it is an upgrade because it is still shipping, but I'm hoping it will be.

-Good corner cutting
-Buttery cruchyish smooth
-Decently fast
-It's from MoYu
-Box has a pretty picture of Felix Zemdegs on.
-Comes with instructions on how to solve it
-I like saying Weilong. It's a fun word to say.
-If you get unstickered like I did, you can put the stock stickers on your face for six days. A color a day.

-Doesn't make me automatically as fast as Felix Zemdegs.
-Awesome lube from the Cubicle not included.
-Awesome stickers from the Cubicle not included
-Gets weird corner cutting lock ups on some sides
-Caps used to fall off. Just lube your caps the the awesome lube from the Cubicle
-Corners come apart too easily. I super glued all of them
-Does not make it so there is a marshmallow in every bite of my lucky charms.

Warning- If you did not realize half of the pros and cons were jokes, you may be stupid.

Newest Reviews

4 of 5 Stars! Good beginner cube
By Brian Tarabokija on Friday 22 April, 2016
This was my first main after the GuanLong and it honestly is great for learning how to be good at cubing. Would recommend for new cubers!

5 of 5 Stars! Excellent Cube
By ArkinesSpeedCubing on Saturday 16 April, 2016
This is my first speed cube after the new version of the Rubik's brand cube, and so far it has blown me away. after only 50(or so, I haven't been counting very closely) it has begun to get faster. I am still using beginners method and it came with a CFOP cheat sheet and I will use that to learn the many algorithms. I ordered the stickerless version and it feels very nice, and the shades are very distinguishable.

Overall a great cube, I recommend it for anyone.

1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
5 of 5 Stars! great for people who like fast and smooth cubes
By Kevin Fernandez on Wednesday 02 March, 2016
this scube is so smooth and fast but still manages to retain a stableness during solves and it has never popped on me. really solid cube but it its my backup main now but it's still really good.
i have my own custom lube in it and a touch of maru

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4 of 5 Stars! Weird but good
By Zane Davis on Monday 15 February, 2016
I've had this cube in sticklers for about 2 months and i'm still not sure what to think. its corner cutting is amazing but mine came with a bent screw so spring noise was a factor. Once i fixed the screw it was great.

Pros:Corner cutting, fast turning, great feel.

Cons: Bent screw, spring noise, corner twisting.

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5 of 5 Stars! Weilongs Great
By Max on Sunday 14 February, 2016
Been my main for a while, never had a pop, no explosions, 45* corner cut and line to line reverse, i highly recommend for advanced cubers. but a warning about the center caps, they come of super easy, but they are easy to put back on. Its easy to assemble and to take apart, but not easy enough that it pops in a solve, i have had about 500 solves with it, and it turns great when you get it broken in.

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5 of 5 Stars! Amazing Cube!
By Avery S. on Monday 08 February, 2016
I may have gotten lucky on the lubing and tensioning, but this cube is insane! It is very fast, corner cuts quite a bit, and after feeling my friend's MoYu AoLong V2 lubed with maru, it did not even compare to my WeiLong V2! I lubed with weight 4 in the core, weight 1 on the pieces. Love it and would recommend it to anyone solving less than 30 seconds.

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