MoYu WeiLong V2

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The MoYu WeiLong V2 is the second version of the tremendously popular MoYu WeiLong. The most notable change is the way in which the pieces are put together, which allows stickerless variants to be produced. Other than this, the mechanism remains largely unchanged.


Cube Dimensions57.0mm x 57.0mm x 57.0mm
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - MoYu Stickers
Release Date03 January 2014

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35 of 41 customers found this review helpful
5 of 5 Stars! Great Cube
By Nathan Elverud on Monday 13 April, 2015
Got this a while back in September I think and at the time is was just about to sub 30. I was blown away by the corner cutting. Compared to my stickerless zhanchi, it was amazing. Now I find the cube is getting a little slow for me and I want something faster so I upgraded to the new Hualong. Well I don't know if it is an upgrade because it is still shipping, but I'm hoping it will be.

-Good corner cutting
-Buttery cruchyish smooth
-Decently fast
-It's from MoYu
-Box has a pretty picture of Felix Zemdegs on.
-Comes with instructions on how to solve it
-I like saying Weilong. It's a fun word to say.
-If you get unstickered like I did, you can put the stock stickers on your face for six days. A color a day.

-Doesn't make me automatically as fast as Felix Zemdegs.
-Awesome lube from the Cubicle not included.
-Awesome stickers from the Cubicle not included
-Gets weird corner cutting lock ups on some sides
-Caps used to fall off. Just lube your caps the the awesome lube from the Cubicle
-Corners come apart too easily. I super glued all of them
-Does not make it so there is a marshmallow in every bite of my lucky charms.

Warning- If you did not realize half of the pros and cons were jokes, you may be stupid.

Newest Reviews

3 of 5 Stars! Pretty good
By Johnny Wu on Thursday 14 January, 2016
Turn great but the center caps come off and the corner are sharp i would recommend you to buy the Cong's Design MeiYing
16$ MoYu AoLong V2 or Hualong 16$ QiYi Thunderclap 3x3 9$

4 of 5 Stars! Pretty decent cube, but breaks easy.
By Brandon Bigham on Wednesday 30 December, 2015
I got this cube as my first speed cube, and it was amazing. It corner cutted like most other advanced speed cubes on the market, but it broke a lot. If I ever dropped it, all the center caps flew off, and If I took it apart to lube it, the corner pieces could break into 3rd's. If you get it, superglue the corner pieces. The caps are really annoying though, especially if you are in the middle of solving it. I suggest the v1 over the v2.

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5 of 5 Stars! Great cube!
By Brendan L on Friday 18 December, 2015
This is my first 3x3 cube that was not the Rubik's brand cube and I was absolutely blown away by it. It was a bit crunchy/dry out of the box but loosening the tension and adding some of the weight 2 cubicle lube to it fixed both of those problems. All around a fun cube that turns great.

2 of 5 customers found this review helpful
3 of 5 Stars! Too slow!
By Max Tory on Tuesday 01 December, 2015
To be honest I was not overly impressed with this cube. It is aesthetically beautiful, and the custom colour scheme was great, but out of the box it was gummy and slow, and even after about 800 solves this feeling hasn't gone away. The corner-cutting was decent, but nothing special (struggled to reach 45 degrees). Maybe I was just unlucky enough to get a bad one, and maybe the other premium cubes the Cubicle does are as great as I've heard they are, but next time I order a cube, I think I'll set it up myself just to be careful.

4 of 6 customers found this review helpful
4 of 5 Stars! Good for what it is
By Daniel W. on Sunday 29 November, 2015
When I first got the cube, I noticed that the stickers had lots of air bubbles and the center caps weren't staying on very well. These normally wouldn't bother me, but it's a premium cube, so that's part of what you're paying for, so it's worth pointing out. It makes the cube feel a lot less like a premium cube. I have 2 other premium cubes, and they didn't have the same problems with air bubbles in the stickers, so maybe it's hit or miss.

As for the performance, the cube felt a bit dry at first, despite being lubed pretty well, but this feeling went away after a little bit (or I just adjusted to it, don't really know which). The cube performs pretty well for a weilong and has a really nice feel, but it's held back a bit by its blocky mechanism. The corner cutting isn't the best and it's a bit locky just because the mechanism is outdated.

However, these aren't problems with the service, but rather the cube itself, so I can't say I wouldn't recommend it. If you really like the weilong, you'd like this cube. What keeps this cube from getting 5 stars is that the lack of care with the stickers makes this cube feel a lot less like a premium cube.

Note: This premium cube has been discontinued, and the premium thunderclap has been added assumingly to replace it, which I think is a smart move.

9 of 10 customers found this review helpful
5 of 5 Stars! Amazing
By Evin Harris on Tuesday 17 November, 2015
I know I might sound like every other reviewer but this cube is amazing. They lubed it perfectly but it still has that crunchy feeling of a weilong. The premium cube is good because you don't have to go through the process of lubrication and the tension Is very nice for me. People also complain about the fast lube that they use but I think it's perfect, I would even like like it a bit faster and I average around 1 minute on 3x3. Overall this is a great cube for people who don't like lubercating or stickering for a very good price.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 42 reviews)

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