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At 62mm across, the ShengShou 4x4 is the one of the smaller 4x4 cubes we offer. It has exceptional corner cutting and speed. These features make it difficult to pop and give you great control of the puzzle -- all at a great price.

Unstickered versions of this puzzle are available! If you want an unstickered version, please click here.


Cube Dimensions62.0mm x 62.0mm x 62.0mm
Stock Color SchemeDaYan/ShengShou Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers4x4 62mm Stickers
Release DateBefore June 2013

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Most Helpful Review

26 of 28 customers found this review helpful
Great cube, but very locky.
By MSCubes on 13 May 2015
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
I want to give this cube a 3.5 or a 4 star review. The cube would be the best 4x4 if it could corner cut just a little more and was a lot less locky. But other than that, it's an amazing 4x4. Fast but controllable.

Newest Reviews

It's decent
By Kaden DeConno on 13 March 2017
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
Out of the box the cube was greasy. Also it locked up allot furring solves and when I started to get fast it seemed it locked up more. I recommend this for beginner cubers but not intermediate or expert cubers
3 of 9 customers found this review helpful
I Do Not Recomend This Cube (Honest Opinion)
By Anthony on 20 November 2016
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
Out of the box, this cube locked up in the middle and outer left side. Sometimes the cube would be internally bandaged and would not be able to turn after trying to force the cube to turn,the whole layer popped, and I had to put it back together. Also this cube is EXTREMELY difficult to put back together. After I put it back together, it popped again, but every thing fell apart, after that I gave up on this cube. Do Not Get This Cube. Also all of this happened the day I got it.
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
SS 4x4
By Nolan Sigethy on 03 August 2016
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
It is fast and locky and no corner cutting at all. It would get shengshou 5x5 lockups and after 10 solves it popped 7 times and exploded 3 times I recommend this if you are a slow solver if you are sub 4 minutes then I would not recommend this cube
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful
By Donavan Barraza on 28 July 2016
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
I've done over 1000 solves on this and honestly, this cube sucks. Even if you are PERFECTLY lined up, it sometimes acts like its locked up and it just doesn't want to move. To make this cube even close to decent, one must take a lot of time modding it and even still it locks up when you're even half of a millimeter off. It has as much reverse corner cutting as the original rubix cube, and it takes considerable effort to turn without lube. And also, the cube makes VERY weird sounds that can barely be described even when you lube the core. If considering getting this cube, you might as well get the Kung Fu Cangfeng as it is 50 cents more and infinitely better.
4 of 6 customers found this review helpful
Better than normal
By Ben Fica on 26 May 2016
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
this is probably one of the best ShengShou puzzles ever. It twists better than a lot of 4x4s and most ShengShous but is a bit locky. also, it can come apart easily. The small pieces are very hard to find too. Overall, I would say that this is a great cube to start with and a great cube for a collection
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
seems nice but then not really
By Hector Ortiz on 04 April 2016
Product: ShengShou 4x4 V5
the cube seems to pop off some or one of the pieces but other than that this 4x4 is really great
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