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The new 3x3 from YuXin delivers surprisingly good performance at a relatively low price point. It features a robust anti-pop mechanism and rounded pieces for excellent corner cutting performance.


Cube Dimensions57.0mm x 57.0mm x 57.0mm
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - YuXin Stickers
Release Date26 January 2015

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Most Helpful Review

161 of 171 customers found this review helpful
By LT Cubing on 03 May 2015
Product: YuXin 3x3
So I'm just going to start out by saying that this cube has FULL CORNER CUTTING, It can corner cut anywhere on the cube over 60* EASILY and then it goes into reverse cutting instantly. There are no places it locks up. Pops and corner twists are impossible due to a triple torpedo + track mech. The turning is very fast and very smooth with no bumpy feel, Overall I believe this cube deserves a PERFECT 10/10!

Newest Reviews

By Indiana Denizard on 03 July 2017
Product: YuXin 3x3
Out of the box this cube was dry and fast. It had very loose tensions and wasn't for me. But after applying maru soft springs and lubing it with lubicle gummy and speedy it become my instant main its was fast smooth and not to loose . overall i would recommend this cube to anyone.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
By JMG 456 on 26 May 2017
Product: YuXin 3x3
while i tend to prefer cubes with squared off corners because i corner twist rather easily, this cube was my main out of the box. Universal corner cutting and can adjust to any turning style. If im honest, this cube performs better without lube, at least mine did.
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful
By LemonCuber on 30 March 2017
Product: YuXin 3x3
Out of the box, the cube was scratchy, tight, dusty, and oily. It was really just a pain to turn overall, but after some tensioning, I broke the cube in with 150 solves. This fixed the scratchy feeling but the cube was still making a springy noise. I lubed the core with Weight 4, put in Maru Soft Springs (Heard that is was good) and lubed the pieces with a dab of Weight 4 and a little Lubicle Speedy, this made the cube smooth, yet still had a slightly scratchy feeling, which in my opinion made it satisfying to turn and overall practice 3x3.

Thanks for reading my honest opinion on this 3x3.
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Amazing! Worth every cent.
By Ayden Alvarez on 28 February 2017
Product: YuXin 3x3
I love this cube so much and I have to say this is probably the best cube on the market for $9. It's so smooth and right out of the box it's amazing. I haven't even lubed it yet and it's amazing. I've had this for a while now and I must say, if you're looking for a good, cheap, and smooth cube, this is the one for you :)
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Loose but great
By Alaina Bentley on 20 February 2017
Product: YuXin 3x3
It is very loose and I feel like I'm going to break it all the time. But never have had a problem with it. Just wanted to say it's great!! The corner cutting about a full piece maybe more, and the reverse cutting is about 3/4 of a piece. Overall, its a great cube for all levels, I recommend it.
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Yuxin 3x3
By Govannak on 18 February 2017
Product: YuXin 3x3
Amazing out of the box. It is super fast and can corner cut so easily. This cube doesn't lock up or pop which I love about it. I truly love this cube and recommend it. I got this cube today and I already love it. It takes a couple of solves to get used to. This is 100% my main now.
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