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Our Mission is a leading USA-based online specialty cube store committed to providing customers with a superior online shopping experience, excellent puzzle variety, and an innovative cubing experience. TheCubicle operates in New York and has served thousands of puzzle fans from beginners to world champions.

We pride ourselves on our top-quality Cubicle brand stickers, a diverse lineup of speedcube lubricants, and our fully customizable premium 3x3s.

With a team featuring some of the fastest cubers in the world, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you order from us.

Regardless of whether you are a competitive speedsolver or puzzle enthusiast, TheCubicle has something for you.

Our History

TheCubicle was launched in August of 2011 with a handful of popular World Cubing Association puzzles and a variety of hand-done custom mods. Over the years, we have been recognized as a major innovator and a top contributor in the speedcubing community.

Today, we remain a supportive and friendly business committed to constant improvement to find new ways to better serve our customers and community. is owned and operated by Cubicle Enterprises LLC.

Our Name

Our name, TheCubicle, initially began as a simple play on the word "cube." Since then, it has also come to represent our strong work ethic and our drive to exceed expectations.

Our Team

Phil Yu - Co-Founder & CEO

Phil manages innovation and media at TheCubicle. His goal is to create and explore exciting opportunities.

Phil is best known for being a one-handed specialist using the ZZ method. Phil was a dominant OH solver on the east coast in the early 2010s, and set a North American record average in August, 2012, which ranked 2nd in the world. During his competitive career, Phil published a series of tutorials on ZZ and helped inspire mainstream interest in the method. Outside of cubing, Phil likes small kittens and loud music.

James Chang - Co-Founder & COO

James manages operations and website development at TheCubicle. His goal is to create cool features and a user-friendly experience.

James first started cubing in the summer of 2007 after he witnessed a cube race at a summer camp talent show. He went on to learn the CFOP method, and has participated in competitions all over the east coast since 2010. James is currently on the lookout for a speedcubing museum, where he can donate most of his algorithms.

Rowe Hessler - Production Director

Rowe manages custom cube production at TheCubicle. His goal is to guarantee the quality of all custom made speedcubes.

Rowe has nearly a decade of experience cubing and competing, and is a former two-time United States National Champion of the Rubik's Cube -- the only cuber to ever hold two national titles. Rowe started his cubing career in 2007, and has achieved 34 WCA records in 7 different events to date. Rowe is most well-known for his dominance in the 3x3 event in North America, having set the record of 11.04 seconds in 2009, and holding the record almost continuously until 2014 with an average time of 8.27. Rowe is also recognized for his world class achievements in the 2x2 cube, having set 3 world records in the event, as well as being crowned world champion in 2009.

Chris Tran - Research & Development Director

Chris directs R&D and cubing innovations at TheCubicle. His goal is to develop new products and technologies that everyone can enjoy.

Chris started cubing in 2007, and is known for being the first person to complete the ZB method and the development of recognition techniques for ZBLL. He is also known for inventing ZZ-CT and was 2015 National Champion in 2-Layer Smart Egg with a world record time of 8.07 seconds.

Chris is currently a WCA delegate, and has had a role in holding several competitions up and down the eastern coast of the United States.

Chris Olson - Chief Videographer

Chris is the video producer and content manager at TheCubicle. His goal is to create entertaining media content of the highest quality.

A cuber for 8 years, Chris is well known for being a highly accomplished 2x2 solver, breaking three world records in 2013 and winning back to back US National titles in 2012 and 2013. Chris is also one of YouTube's most popular cubers, with a video selection of over 400 videos, which includes tutorials, reviews and cinematic cubing productions. Chris is also widely recognized for producing US Nationals highlight reels, some of cubing's most cinematic and polished projects.

Chris has work experience producing videos on a freelance and corporate basis. Chris also works on his own business, Topher Digital Media. In his downtime, Chris makes videos about obscure algorithms and the lack of sub 7s.

Damian Bias - Chief Graphics Designer

Damian is the Graphic Artist and Assistant Videographer at His goal is to make everything look better.

Damian is best known for his YouTube channel, Cubeologist, which he started around the same time he started cubing. His videos include educational beginner topics mixed with first impressions, in depth reviews and competition videos. And although not a very fast speed solver, he competes very often and hopes to improve with the help of the staff here.

Jules Manalang - Sponsorship Coordinator

Jules coordinates sponsorships at TheCubicle. His goal is to ensure top quality representation and sponsoree satisfaction.

Jules began cubing since late 2006, and is best known for being an early adopter of the Roux method. Over the years, Jules has released and maintained a number of tutorials on his method, including a video series, hundreds of example solves and an informational website.