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Angstrom Dignitas is a medium viscosity silicone lube that utilizes micro-scale nitride to achieve the perfect balance between speed and smoothness. In puzzles, the micro-scale nitride also accumulates in friction grooves, protecting the puzzle from further damage from friction. Dignitas is designed to be long lasting, and retains speed and smoothness longer than traditional unmodified fast silicones.

This lube comes with a medical grade micro-brush applicator for accurate, precise placement.


Release Date01 February 2018


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14 of 21 customers found this review helpful
Really fast lube
By Max on 06 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
I ordered this lube from Chris Tran himself. I used it on my old plastik dayan coated gts2M on the pieces (not the piece feets!). This lube speeds the cube up really nicely but it wear off after 2 weeks. You don‘t need that much of it. While shippimg one of my dignitas got demaged a little bit so half of the lube run out in the paket. If you like fast and smooth feeling defnetly pick this one and gravitas up.

Newest Reviews

5 of 8 customers found this review helpful
amazing core lube for valk
By Olivia Bigelow on 27 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
if you ever think that the valk is sluggish or gummy, put this shit in the core and BAM its amazing
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My Absolute Favorite!
By Judah Keelin on 27 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
I got some when ever the merger happened a couple weeks back, didn’t really know how to use it, but I finally decided to experiment with it and found out that just a light coating on all of the friction points made it AMAZING! The only problem I’ve had with the gts2m was that it felt really dry and blocky no matter what I did, Dignitas fixes that, it makes it super smoothe and controllable, but still very fast like normal, the only thing it really changes for me was the feel. Best lube ever, hope this review helped, thanks for another amazing innovation Chris!
9 of 10 customers found this review helpful
It`s good-ish
By Eleah Wines on 05 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
This lube is very picky. I have tested and tested and tested some more, and I now know what effects it does. If the contact points are primary and you put this on, there are two effects.

(1) If the cube has low or no lube, it will make it fast and smooth with break in.

(2) If the cube is already lubed you will have to use way less because it cannot fill in the plastic because the plastic has already been filled in. so if you use to much, it will be slow.

And if you use it on stickerless plastic:

(1) It does not require as much to make the cube smooth, so don`t add as much or it will be slow.

And now for black plastic:

(1) If you have broken in the cube and lubed it, don`t add this stuff unless it`s an SM. It will slow down the cube way to much.

(2) You can add some of this stuff to a cube that is broken in if you have not allot of ground plastic in the cube and not allot of lube. It will make it faster and smooth.

Hope this is helpful. :)
Amazing especially if you know how to use it right.
By Russell Bilinski on 15 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
I bought this back when Chris had his own shop. It does a very good job of making your cube fast. REMEMBER ONLY PUT IN SMALL AMOUNTS. If you buy this I would highly recommend Gravitas.
Put GRAVITAS on the feet of the corner and the smaller parts where it touches.
Put DIGNITAS on all the other spots where the plastic touches.
This lube gives the cube a very smooth and fast feel.
It gives speed without making the cube feel gummy.
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Good, but hard to clean out.
By Jeffrey Ting on 11 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
I bought this live from the old Angstrom site and used it in my Gan Air SM. I wasn’t sure how much to use and I overlubed it. I tried cleaning it out several times, but it was still on the pieces. After I reassembled the cube it still felt overlubed even after break in. I tried it on a gts2 using less cube and it became AMAZING. So this is a really good lube but it near impossible for to clean out.
4 of 6 customers found this review helpful
By Duncan Bannon on 02 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Dignitas
I bought this when angstrom was seperate from Assuming thats it’s the same this lube is GREAT! It provides a sweet smooth speed combo. I like some Gravitas to slow down the cube.
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