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Angstrom Gravitas is a high viscosity silicone lube that utilizes micro-friction of two nanoscale compounds to achieve unparalleled levels of smoothness and controllability. Gravitas is designed to be super long lasting, and retain smoothness far longer than traditional unmodified silicones.

This lube comes with a medical grade micro-brush applicator for accurate, precise placement.


Release Date01 February 2018


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Amazing Stuff
By Sam Simmons on 04 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Gravitas
This stuff is amazing. Nothing else can really be said. It slows your cube down to a comfortable speed without making it impossible to spam TPS. It makes it perfectly controllable, and lasts a long time. I put it in my Air UM, Wuxia M, GTS M, GTS2 M, and Valk M. It's pretty amazing. Just get it. Humphrey for the win!

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This some good goop
By Alex O'Brien on 13 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Gravitas
It literally does what they say it will do. That said, I was not expecting the change to be so drastic. I would go so far as to say that if you want to lubricate your cube for speed, I would urge you to get dignitas or something else instead. This essentially does the opposite of lubricate, and REALLY frictions up your junk. I'm about 250 solves into wearing this stuff in, and it still feels frictiony, but still smooth. Like, I dunno, Vaseline mixed with baby powder? I know for a fact that I used way too much though, so take my words with a pile of salt. It also smells identical to linseed oil. I obviously don't know how they make this stuff, but if someone told me the process in some way involved linseed oil I wouldn't be surprised.
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really gummy
By Olivia Bigelow on 13 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Gravitas
I put this on the springs of all my puzzles it is so good.
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really smooth lube
By Max on 06 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Gravitas
I ordered this lube from Chris Tran himself... I used it on my old plastic dayan coated gts2M. I lubed the piece feets with it. The cube first got really gummy and then after breaking in it got a really buttery smooth feeling... Sadly i have to say that you habe to lube your cube every 2 weeks with a little bit of it but this isn‘t much.. aplication is really easy and you don‘t need much to have a great effekt :) I really recommend to pick this up :)
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Angstrom lubes are awesome!!
By Christian Kennedy on 04 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Gravitas
I put some of this lube in my Angstrom Research Galaxy M Megaminx and I have to say even though this lube isn’t meant for speed it still made my Megaminx awesome!!
It’s works especially well on the core and seems to add a little bit of stability to cubes. I would highly recommend!! :D
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