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The Angstrom Lube Bundle is a discounted lube bundle containing both of the lubricants by Angstrom Research: Gravitas and Dignitas. Get both and save!

Angstrom Dignitas is a medium viscosity silicone lube that utilizes micro-scale nitride to achieve the perfect balance between speed and smoothness. In puzzles, the micro-scale nitride also accumulates in friction grooves, protecting the puzzle from further damage from friction. Dignitas is designed to be long lasting, and retains speed and smoothness longer than traditional unmodified fast silicones.

Angstrom Gravitas is a high viscosity silicone lube that utilizes micro-friction of two nanoscale compounds to achieve unparalleled levels of smoothness and controllability. Gravitas is designed to be super long lasting, and retain smoothness far longer than traditional unmodified silicones.

Each lube comes with a medical grade micro-brush applicator for accurate, precise placement.


Release Date01 February 2018


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35 of 36 customers found this review helpful
Very decent lube with a unique feel
By Mimi Tran on 09 February 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
The Angstrom lubes are interesting in the sense that they both act as great lubricants, but still keep your cube feeling dry (especially the Gravitas). After use on a 3x3, the result is a cube that moves quickly and smoothly as if it was thoroughly lubed. But, at the same time, the cube lacks the draggy lubed feel that conventional silicone gives you. I don't think this feel that will be universally liked by everyone, but to me, it is pretty unique and I don't mind it. The lube has also lasted very, very long.

Just a note: if your cube is ridiculously slow after using this lube, you're probably using way too much, doing it wrong, or both. That, or your cube was really slow to begin with.

Newest Reviews

3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Really nice, but silicones are better
By BigTimeCuber on 18 May 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
These lubes have a very distinct feel, that can't be matched with silicone lube. But unfortunately to my standards, silicone lube is a lot better. While both can change the speed and feeling to be very smooth, or slower, silicone gives the cube a very nice feel, that these lubes unfortunately can't match.

Makes cube fast and smooth
when you take some out of the container, and wait a while, it'll look brand new. this is really satisfying : )
Very watery ad if it get on your table and dries, it is pretty sticky

GRAVITAS: Makes cubes gummy and controllable (which can be matched with some higher weight (4 and/or 5) on the pieces but, meh)
Is very gel like. (WARNING: do not use a hair gel. I don't know wht would happen, but it wouldn't be good. might be responsible for hair being more controllable. ;) )

Like I said above silicones are much better, but this in a GAN S or SM might be a little magic (see what i did there).
Good job, Chris Tran
By Stone Simpson on 01 May 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
At first, this seemed a little weird, because I'm so used to lubes in bottles or syringes, and I thought the presentation was way overkill. But OMG this lube for me was better than anything that I have ever tried. I even put it on my main, a Cubicle Labs Little Magic M when all of the lube dried out. The only problem was that sometimes my cube wouldn't speed up at all with this lube, and I had to waste a lot of DNM-37 to get it up to speed. This lube can make your cube fast but controllable, smooth but not slow, and it can turn a non cornercutting cube into a past 45 cube. Overall, good job, Chris Tran.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Excellent Lube, interesting feel
By Coen Bijpost on 13 April 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
I’ve set up four cubes with these lubes, using dignitas on the upper sides of a center and a corner and gravitas on the tracks. These lubes combined create extremely controllable, fast cubes. But the crazy thing is, they almost feel like they’re dry. It’s like you’ve polished the pieces to be perfectly smooth. No lubey gumminess at all. I love this feeling. Don’t think I’ll ever use regular lube again...
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
These are the best
By Jacob Dam on 11 April 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
These are really great, if you lubed the cube using only dignitas it will become extremely fast(faster than with dnm by a mile) so make sure to use gravitas along with it. These pair very well with lubicle black and dnm, but make sure to use lubicle black first on the core, wipe away any of it that leaks on to the pieces , also if you are going to use dnm , don't use it immediately, break in these first and let them dry, then drop in some dnm, this way you won't have to deal with the lube not breaking in properly. Overall these are really great just break them in first before applying anymore lube and also make sure the cube is dry.
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Lubed all of my mains with these
By Carlos Perez-Hijar on 30 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
I have used these lubes for nearly a month and I can say that these are the best silicon lubes you can buy.
Gravitas- If you have a crazy fast cube but you want to slow it down and make it smoother without the gumminess of silicon lube.
Dignitas- If you want a long-lasting smooth feel for any cube.
Note- Overuse of these lubes can end you up with a SLOW cube.
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Fantastic With DNM
By TheGrayCuber on 23 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Lube Bundle
These lubes are great, but I don't suggest using only these two. The gravitas works well on the feet and the core when used sparingly. The dignitas gives the cube a good feel wen applied to the pieces, but if you're looking for speed, you should also use DNM-37. The combination of the three makes one of the best setups I have ever used.
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