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The Angstrom Valk M is a fast and stable magnetic 3x3 featuring an Angstrom-based lube combination for a new feel and style. This puzzle is lubed with Lubicle Black on the springs, Angstrom Gravitas on the tracks, and a mix of Angstrom Dignitas and DNM-37 on the pieces. The use of Angstrom lubes gives the cube a quick and clean feel without the drag of ordinary silicone lubricants.

Note: The Angstrom Dignitas will leave some residue on some of the pieces. This is completely normal. The Angstrom Research Logo is placed on the red side. If you would like it on a different side, please leave an order comment.

We can sticker this puzzle according to your instructions which can be specified on a special page during the checkout process (the page will appear only if you have custom cubes in your cart). If no instructions are provided, we will sticker it with a full-bright set. We will let you know if we have any questions about your instructions. Since Angstrom Research puzzles are meticulously produced on demand, please be advised that Rush Processing cannot be reliably used to speed up orders containing Angstrom Research puzzles.

Cubicle Premium Cube Guarantee: The workmanship on Cubicle Labs, Pro Shop, and Angstrom Research premium cubes is covered by our 6-month warranty. For more details of the warranty and what's covered, please refer to the warranty graphic in the product images, or visit the warranty details page.

Original puzzle made by QiYi/MoFangGe. It features an Angstrom Research Logo.


Cube Dimensions55.5mm x 55.5mm x 55.5mm
Product Weight82.3g
Fitted Stickers3x3 55mm - Valk Stickers
Full-Fitted Stickers3x3 55mm - Valk FF Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers3x3 55mm - Valk Stickers
Release Date21 February 2018


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Most Helpful Review

21 of 24 customers found this review helpful
A really unique solid cube.
By Christopher Lau on 22 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
When I first got this cube out of the box, It was pretty controllable and the perfect speed for me (I prefer gummier cubes, but decided to give this a try). It didn't feel especially gummy. After around 50 break-in solves (so far) it has gotten a lot faster, which personally I am not a huge fan of, but I need to get used to it more.
The uniqueness comes from the cube's actual feel when turning.
The magnets are relatively light, enhancing the feeling and increasing fluidity when turning.
The cube feels similar to an OOTB Valk, but It has all the benefits of a lubed and broken in one. The corner cutting is around 50 degrees on moderate-tight tensions, catching/locking is not an issue, and most of all, the cube feels like it has very little drag. This is probably the reason it has gotten a lot faster.
Personally, I really like OOTB Valks, but can't stand that they are unstable (due to there being no magnets, and almost all (if not all) magnetic cubes come pre-setup.
If you already have a Valk M, don't buy this cube. Purchase the Angstrom Lubes instead and try and set it up for yourself.

I really need to do a lot more solves with this, and see how it turns out. It is looking very promising so far.

Also a side-note: with some silicone lubes they gum up overnight if you don't use it; this cube has resolved this issue.#

Thanks for reading my review, and thanks to Chris Tran for creating these new lubes.

Newest Reviews

7 of 7 customers found this review helpful
Good Cube
By Justin Lees on 26 April 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
I was really hyped to get this cube, but out of the box I was sort of disappointed. After a few solves this turned into easily my favorite cube, it's even better than a Gan Air SM (not angstrom) overall great cube.
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful
By Ed on 03 April 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
All I can say on this cube is just wow the feel is amazing but it's not for everyone for me it's perfect and I will definitely be using this as my main if you want a unique cube that I can not compare to anything else go for this it does come really gummy and sticky as frist but after a few hundred solves it's amazing it's controllable and smooth and faster with a different feel that I can not compare to anything I hope this made sense I am a big fan good job Chris Tran
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Unique Turning Style
By Jovan Nguyen-Tran on 03 April 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
This cube is excellent because it is much more different than the valk 3 and gans 356 air sm. I think that the cubicle has put in some great lubes that make this cube unique (dignitas, gravitas, lubicle black, & DNM-37). Out of the box it has a bit of a gummy feel, but over time it will come off as you break in the lube. The magnets are a bit lighter than the sm, and feels great.

Unboxing experience : I think that the unboxing experience is really cool as it comes in this kind of futuristic box, and in the box comes a cubicle stand, the cube, stickers ( I ordered them seprately ), and the pamflits.

I would like to thank the Cubicle.Us and Chris Tran for this very satisfying cube.

Jovan Nguyen-Tran
5 of 6 customers found this review helpful
It’s ok
By Sheila Ellazar on 28 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
In my honest opinion I think this cube is really good. But I have on problem with his cube, there’s not really lots of lube put on. Plus I did not get lubicle black. If the cube had more lube I think this cube will be the best cube out there but for now. It is ok. But out of the 3, I would prefer this.
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
valk m angstrom version
By Ronald Nazareno on 24 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
out of the box it came out a little gummy as to be expected however once i started making solves, it opened up immediately and is now one of my favorite cubes. definitely fast and controllable.
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Amazing! I Highly Recommend This Unique Cube!
By Cuberz on 23 March 2018
Product: Angstrom Valk M
Right out of the box, the cube was very slow and controllable, however, after about 100 solves, I got a speed comfortable for me. The feel is very unique and the Angstrom lubes fit my turning style very well. I have a rather inaccurate turning style (that's why I depend on magnets), and my turning is also slightly rough. The cube, being a Valk, has a clacky and loud feel that I, personally, really enjoy, and the light magnets add a touch of stability a click at the end of each turn.

Corner-cutting is really good right out of the box. However, I did loosen the cube by a quarter of a turn on each side, and now, the cube can cut from any angle. After about 50 solves I did put in 2 drops of DNM-37, and that helped speed up the cube as well.

Overall, I highly recommend the Angstrom Valk M! Its performance is most impressive and the feeling is something new that I think many will enjoy!
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