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The Angstrom WuQue M is a stable and super plush magnetic 4x4 featuring an Angstrom-based lube combination and stronger outer layer magnets for a new feel and style. This puzzle is lubed with Angstrom Gravitas on the rings and internals, and a combination of Angstrom Dignitas and DNM-37 on the pieces. The water repelling properties of Angstrom Dignitas makes it synergize exceptionally well with the water-based DNM-37.

The Angstrom WuQue M comes with a complementary 3cc bottle of DNM-37.

We can sticker this puzzle according to your instructions which can be specified on a special page during the checkout process (the page will appear only if you have custom cubes in your cart). If no instructions are provided, we will sticker it with a full-bright set. We will let you know if we have any questions about your instructions. Since Angstrom Research puzzles are meticulously produced on demand, please be advised that Rush Processing cannot be reliably used to speed up orders containing Angstrom Research puzzles.

Cubicle Premium Cube Guarantee: The workmanship on Cubicle Labs, Pro Shop, and Angstrom Research premium cubes is covered by our 6-month warranty. For more details of the warranty and what's covered, please refer to the warranty graphic in the product images, or visit the warranty details page.

Original puzzle made by QiYi MoFangGe. It features an Angstrom Research Hexagonal Logo.


Cube Dimensions62.0mm x 62.0mm x 62.0mm
Product Weight133.4g
Fitted Stickers4x4 62mm - WuQue Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers4x4 62mm - WuQue Stickers
Release Date01 May 2018


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Most Helpful Review

69 of 77 customers found this review helpful
Oh Wow
By Sean Jenkins on 03 May 2018
Product: Angstrom WuQue M
This cube is the best 4x4 I've ever felt. The outer layers and inner layers are so smooth and lockups are non-existent. If the original wasn't already good enough! I can't wait to see more Angstrom cubes, especially 2x2s!

Newest Reviews

12 of 12 customers found this review helpful
The best performing 4x4 on the market.
By Lilith Ando on 08 June 2018
Product: Angstrom WuQue M
This cube is a bit stiff out of the box, however after some breaking in and an extra bit of the included DNM37, this cuber becomes the best 4x4 I've felt. The magnets are a near perfect strength, and combined with the combination of lubes used give this cube a fast, yet still smooth and controllable feel.

My only nitpick comes from the fact that my logo came on the white side, not the red side, and after taking the logo off, the cap of the piece below was quite scratched, giving a bit of an awkward look to the otherwise smooth and glossy puzzle. Luckily this is an easy fix, as swapping a center cap doesn't require any disassembly, but as an extra center cap isn't provided, it's another bit of investment on an already expensive puzzle.
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful
Great Cube high ish price though
By Samuel Knoll on 06 June 2018
Product: Angstrom WuQue M
The Wuque had some issues in the beginning. the magnetic version improved the puzzle, but the addition of angstrom lubes really made the cube feel amazing. Ive had the cube for 5 days, and ive broken my 4x4 single, m03, and ao5 pbs. The cube is obviously bumpy, but after breaking in, it is bumpier then i would imagine. The cube feels bumpy, but with smooth turning between bumps. I just added a drop of DNM to the inner layers, and the feel hasn't changed much. I havent had any issues with popping, caps falling off, or lockups. the tensions are great, and it is overall a great puzzle. if you have the money, and like the wuque, then buy it. if you are not sure, i would try it out, or use the lubes on a different puzzle to test the feel.
25 of 25 customers found this review helpful
By Ben Schimanski on 17 May 2018
Product: Angstrom WuQue M
This is easily the best 4x4 I've ever tried. It has excellent conercutting in both the inner and outer layers, although the magnets help keep it in alignment so well you hardly have to worry about that. The only issue I have is the price tag but if you have 70 dollars to burn I whole heartedly recommend this cube to everyone.
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