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The CubeStyle Twist Cube is a 3x3 shape mod that appears as if the yellow layer has been forcibly twisted 90 degrees relative to the white layer, distorting the other layers in the process. It features a vibrant stickerless bright color scheme.


Product Weight85.1g
Release Date30 January 2018


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8 of 9 customers found this review helpful
Very Good Cube!! Hard to solve.
By Justin Whitelaw on 15 February 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
This is a very excellent cube, the turning is super good, and the corner-cutting is super good also, I have a hard time solving it because of the edge pieces, (there is only one color on each edge piece (except for the white and yellow edges) and that make the cube very hard to solve) - Other that that.. This cube is the coolest cube that I have tried to solve so far. Definitely worth the money!

Algorithm to turn the center piece to the right once (You'll need it..) - R U' R U R U R U' R' U' R2 (x3)

Newest Reviews

Twist Cube
By Kenneth Ross on 17 May 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
Really fun puzzle. It's just a 3x3 but with this mod there are other things you need to focus on - not necessarily learn (center orientation and whatnot). I give it 4 out of 5 because it catches quite often and doesn't hole lube that well. Other than that, it's fun to solve, great shades, and a great add to the collection.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
By Jack Bowen on 22 April 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
This is a very good and fun cube. I would highly recommend it. PLEASE MAKE A FISHER TWIST CUBE! The only problem I have is the center caps fall off occasionally. Other than that, great product.
Pretty good cube given that it is twisted
By Golden Ratio on 28 March 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
It turns very smoothly. It doesn't corner cut AT ALL, but that should be expected. It locks a little, but not a problem. After the first solve or two it is easy to solve, you just have to keep in mind that the centers have two colors and must be oriented correctly (like picture cubes), and the edges only have 1 color so can be put in place flipped. After finishing if you end up with one center flipped, just do the last layer PLL edges algorithm three times in 1 direction, as this algorithm flips the center. Not sure about the color scheme, I think it is right though. The picture appears to be outdated, it doesn't look like my cube when oriented the same way, red and orange are swapped on mine.
4 of 9 customers found this review helpful
CubeStyle Twist Cube
By Neil Chen on 22 February 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
This cube is pretty good, but the color scheme is incorrect. When the white is on the bottom, it should be red, green, orange, blue. On this cube, it is red, blue, orange, green.
4 of 8 customers found this review helpful
Interesting "Cube"
By Phinneas Champney on 20 February 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
Let's be honest. You're buying this because it's the cheapest twist cube. I did the same thing. The turning is nowhere near perfect, but is decent. There is almost no corner-cutting, But if you aren't a twist speed solver, it will be fine. This cube is good, but here's the TWIST (._. When solving, sometimes the corners twist, I have an unsolvable one edge parity because of that. Also, It is hard to take apart and assemble for lubing, and inspection of the mechanism. Overall, a decent cube.
4 of 7 customers found this review helpful
Wrong Color Scheme
By Samuel Mora on 18 February 2018
Product: CubeStyle Twist Cube
This cube can catch a bit, but is pretty much fine as a puzzle other wise. Except, there was one thing I completely missed when I ordered this, and that's that the color scheme is wrong. When white is bottom, and red is front, green should be on the right, but instead on this cube it's on the left. This can, however be fixed because the pieces themselves can come apart. With a screwdriver to loosen the puzzle and a knife to wedge the pieces apart, you can fix the color scheme.

The puzzle's okay and it's main problem can be fixed, so I thought it deserved 4 stars.
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