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By Cubeologist on 06 November 2014
Product: Custom Logo Service - 140 Assorted Logos
I just received these in the mail about a week ago and they are amazing. The new layout offers so many more options and I really like it. Most of my cubing friends are asking for some of them haha.

The stickers are printed very precisely. This was one of my worries; that my image would be too small on some of the logos and it would lose some clarity, but that is not the case. The image is high-quality, and it does not scratch off (I have tried) at all. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who wants to make their cubes a bit more personalized, or simply to stop getting them confused with other people's puzzles at competitions. Great product.

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Good Tool
By Juni Song on 15 April 2018
Product: Plastic Sticker Razor
Does the job well, nothing else needs to be said.
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The Weakest Level of Weakness
By Luke Hancock on 04 April 2018
Product: Low-Tack Application Tape - Regular
When I got the Low-Tack, I had pretty "low" expectations, but it was just way to weak. For every single side, I struggled to get the stickers onto the thing.
Sometimes, I unintentionally pushed the stickers from the tape back onto the original paper. When I raged my way to the yellow side, I accidentally dropped the stickers onto the cube, and they all came right off when I tried to lift them back up, so now I have a somewhat poorly stickered yellow side on my (LE) GTS2M.

Hand-stickering it probably would've been easier and faster.
I haven't gotten Medium-Tack yet, but no matter how much stronger it is, it's probably gonna be better.
Be Very Sure The Surfaces Are Flat and Clean
By PkGam on 04 April 2018
Product: Pyraminx Fluro Pink 97mm - QiYi
Extremely nice bright color here! Contrasts especially well on a black puzzle and in conjunction to the usual Pyraminx colors of green, yellow and blue. No way is it getting mistaken for any other in any lighting.

The sticker material is quite thin though. With the original stickers (QiYi QiMeng A by the way), they looked perfectly flat on the surface with no bubbles or anything. With these though, any little plastic surface pit or nick shows through. I presume dust would show up it got under a sticker during application too. But I wasn't about to test that theory as I'd rather not ruin them. So I sort of regret swapping a side with these just to have a unique pink. Also, it doesn't mention that these stickers are slightly larger than the stickers that came with the cube. They still fit on the surfaces, just that they seem a bit out of place size-wise unless you replace all 4 sides at once.
don't get if used to white stickes
By Jude Leynes on 29 March 2018
Product: 3x3 Black 56mm - Gans
as soon as I put my new black stickers on I was thrown off and had difficulty solving the cross my time went from averaging 19 seconds to 25 after I put on my new black stickers. But overall great stickers high quality and can barley can see scratches
Although looks great peels very easy
By Skyler Watts on 21 March 2018
Product: Cubicle Logo 3x3
I’ve had three and not one has stuck for more than 3 days. Maybe I’m using them wrong but they just haven’t been working. The actual design of the sticker looks great though, I wish I could get them to stick so I could rep the cubicle:(
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By Rubik Geek on 12 March 2018
Product: 3x3 Full-Bright Set 56mm - Gans
I’ve been using my GAN 356 Air SM for about 3 months now. I’ve noticed that the blue and white stickers begin to chip quickly. The orange, red, and green seem untouched. Yellow is chipped just slightly. Overall great stickers.
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