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The Cubing Classroom series is a new MoYu sub-brand that focuses on providing excellent performance and value for entry-level cubes. The Cubing Classroom Gift Box contains a complete 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 set packaged inside a fancy box with a carrying handle.

The bundle contains the MF2S, MF3RS for the Stickerless Bright variant and MF3 for the Black variant, MF4S, and MF5 at one discounted price. A great gift package for both beginners and intermediate cubers! Available in Black and Stickerless (Bright) colors.


Stock Color SchemeMoYu/QiYi Color Scheme
Release Date23 February 2017


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Cubing Classroom Gift Box
By Ty Kirkland on 23 February 2017
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
I do not actually have this bundle but do in fact have each of these cubes.
- The mf2s is a very smooth while also crunchy 2x2. It is most comparable to an unlubed lingpo
- The mf3rs is a great cube after being setup. I used 5 on the core and 2 and maru on the pieces. It feels like it own puzzle.
- The 4x4 honestly isn't very good, even after setup. I used the same lube for the 4x4 and can't make it good. It's very locky and tensions come ridiculously tight out of the box. It is almost like a dry shengshou but with bigger florian holes
- The 5x5 is honestly one of the best on the market even at its price. I haven't set it up but tensions come perfect. The feeling is comparable to a gts.
Overall the stickers are great. No chipping/peeling. They are the standard moyu/qiyi shades.

Newest Reviews

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great but..
By Dunkey Due on 14 June 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
I got the mf4, and not the mf4s as promised in the description of the set. Everything else is great
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Beginner Friendly
By Ya Boi on 13 April 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
These were the first cubes I ever got. The 2x2 is quite smooth but it pops so much that any algorithms will pretty much cause an explosion. The 3x3 is easily the best cube in this set. It has a nice feel to it and is very crunchy. It has only popped a few times and it is a great cube for beginners and intermediate cubers. The 4x4 Is very nice it has almost no locking issues. The outer layers are not bad for a budget cube.

If you are beginning get a MF3RS, QiYi ThunderClap, And a Moyu 2x2. It is about the same price but just a bit more. And forget about the 5x5 for a while if you are just starting. But the MF3RS is easily be best budget 3x3 and is worth it’s weight in gold
11 of 12 customers found this review helpful
By Cole Morgan on 02 April 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
This package is perfect for beginners. I got this when I only knew how to solve a 3x3 in 1:10. Although it was difficult, I learned how to solve 2x2, 4x4, 5x5. I even set my personal best of 15 seconds on the mf3rs! If you are a beginner and want ti get into cubing, you will not regret buying this.
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Good, Quality Cubes
By Karver Gluck on 24 March 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
If you just want a beginner set, stick to the 2x2-4x4 and save $10. You can also just buy the 5x5 separately by some other brand. Otherwise, nice cubes and great price
4 of 7 customers found this review helpful
great for the price.
By Geo Singh on 22 March 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
If you are starting out, get this and you wont need any more cubes for a long time it includes everything you need to star off your collection and the cubes are good.
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful
2x2, 3x3 good, others bad
By SM Cuber on 09 March 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
When got this package, it was extremely banged up. When i got it open, I found out they also put in a pamphlet on how to solve them. I had got the package because i wanted a 2x2, and i was desperately in need of an upgrade from a Cyclone Boys (Over-lubed) Feiwu. The stickerless 3x3 is a MF3S, not a MF3RS, like other people got. The 2x2 had a smooth and sandy feel out of the box, like the Gan 249 v1. The 3x3 is very good, and brought my speeds down a lot. The 4x4 was terrible out of the box, but after only 4 or 5 solves, the cube broke in and turned like a dream. The 5x5 is still terrible, but that's probably from me taking it apart so much! My 3x3 setup is lubicle silk and DNM on the pieces, and lubicle black on the core. The 2x2 only required silk, to stop the scratchy feeling, then it was good to go.
4x4, i use DNM.
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