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The Cubing Classroom series is a new MoYu sub-brand that focuses on providing excellent performance and value for entry-level cubes. The Cubing Classroom Gift Box contains a complete 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 set packaged inside a fancy box with a carrying handle.

The bundle contains the MF2S, MF3RS for the Stickerless Bright variant and MF3 for the Black variant, MF4S, and MF5 at one discounted price. A great gift package for both beginners and intermediate cubers! Available in Black and Stickerless (Bright) colors.


Stock Color SchemeMoYu/QiYi Color Scheme
Release Date23 February 2017


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Cubing Classroom Gift Box
By Ty Kirkland on 23 February 2017
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
I do not actually have this bundle but do in fact have each of these cubes.
- The mf2s is a very smooth while also crunchy 2x2. It is most comparable to an unlubed lingpo
- The mf3rs is a great cube after being setup. I used 5 on the core and 2 and maru on the pieces. It feels like it own puzzle.
- The 4x4 honestly isn't very good, even after setup. I used the same lube for the 4x4 and can't make it good. It's very locky and tensions come ridiculously tight out of the box. It is almost like a dry shengshou but with bigger florian holes
- The 5x5 is honestly one of the best on the market even at its price. I haven't set it up but tensions come perfect. The feeling is comparable to a gts.
Overall the stickers are great. No chipping/peeling. They are the standard moyu/qiyi shades.

Newest Reviews

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2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5
By Cuber22 on 11 February 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
The cubes move very well
They are really fast and are really good for beginners
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
By Henry McKean on 29 January 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
WATCH OUT. The box came out EXTREMELY battered and ripped up, The actually cubes are okay, The 2x2 is pretty good. 3x3 came a little tight, but other than that, its good. 4x4 is a little scratchy but pretty good. 5x5 is my only one, but pretty good,
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Great for beginners
By Christopher Ramos on 24 January 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
All of these cubes were great! 3 of them are my mains except for the 4x4. For whatever reason, mine came with the MF4 instead of the MF4S.

-The 2x2 was loose out of the box, but after tightening the tensions, it can easily become your main. It cuts 45 degrees on outer and half a piece on inner, and does it with ease.

-The 3x3 is pretty much ready to go right out of the box. It cuts over 45 outer and 3/4ths of a piece inner, again, with ease.

-Mine came with the MF4 instead of the MF4S, but I'm not too disappointed. It's still very good, it just has very little inner corner cutting because of how blocky the pieces are. Outer is a little less than a piece with a little effort, and like just mentioned, not much inner corner cutting. Otherwise, it's still very good for a beginner.

-The 5x5, just like the 2x2 and 3x3, is really good. I didn't do that much to it, and it's good to go out of the box. Corner cutting is one piece for outer, and inner is half a piece.

All of these cubes are great, and I definitely recommend it to newer speedcubers.
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Excellent Starter Set
By Nicholas Carlino on 23 January 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
I am a fairly new cuber and this set was perfect for me. I was expecting these cubes to be relatively sluggish, but they were the exact opposite. The 2x2 turns so fast and is very good at corner cutting. The 3x3 is a little above average for me as far as 3x3s go. The 4x4 and 5x5 are great starters both turning very well for beginner cubes. I have had this set for about a month now and I haven't experienced any popping. I recommend this set for anyone getting into cubing. It is so worth it for such a small price tag.
4 of 10 customers found this review helpful
Stickered vs stickerless
By Eskil Høiler Ramäng on 17 January 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
Didn't realise that the stickerless version came with a MF3RS as supposed to the MF3, otherwise the cubes are pretty good for a beginner.
11 of 15 customers found this review helpful
It's a CLASSROOM set
By Dylan Diaz on 07 January 2018
Product: Cubing Classroom Gift Box
Most of the reviews on this page have been about how all of them are either horrible cubes, or the 4x4 is equal to garbage. What I have to say is, is that it's a CLASSROOM set. It's made for early cubers who don't have these cubes. Honestly nowadays it's hard to find a budget 4x4 or 5x5. so heres my review with the standpoint of them being learning cubes.

2x2: A nice and easy cube, very light, lighter than most 2x2s on the market. Is fast and can corner cut very well.

3x3: A very fast turner, corner cuts extremely well (it almost matches my AoLong V2). My only problem with it is that if you have a harder turning style, you will get caught on the edges of this cube. It locks very frequently but not enough to raise times substantially.

4x4: An okay cube for a beginner who needs to learn how to solve this cube. Very rough though. Gets caught on the middle layers incredibly often. Not good for speed solving.

5x5: Probably the best out of the bunch. Turns surprisingly well, although the corner cutting is lacking. Still sometimes gets caught, but really only happens if you're not the most accurate turner.
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