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The Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M is a new magnetized 3x3 cube from Cyclone Boys. It features highly rounded pieces, a modern internal mechanism, and magnetized slots in the edges and corners.

The FeiJue 3x3 M is packaged inside a large plastic display case.


Cube Dimensions56.0mm x 56.0mm x 56.0mm
Product Weight89.9g
Release Date25 January 2018

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Most Helpful Review

18 of 21 customers found this review helpful
Surprisingly Good, But...
By Chris M on 06 February 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
For less than 15 dollars I would count this as a budget cube. If maybe the higher end of budget cubes.

It comes in a pretty nice plastic box/display case. It was a nice, thick plastic that seemed good quality. However it was taped together near the bottom and the tape left a ton of residue that kind of ruined anything good about having a nice plastic display case. Sure you can clean it off, but that kind of bothered me. But that's just the case, who cares.

The cube itself was a surprise. Out of the box it was lubricated and tensioned to be very very fast. It's actually a bit faster than I'm used to, but I got the handle of it pretty quick. Corner cutting seems pretty average. The biggest thing to talk about with this cube is the magnets. They are pretty weak magnets, but I think that's a good thing in this case. It's a very quick cube that gains a lot by adding in a small bit of stability from some weak magnets. If the magnets were much stronger, it would probably slow the cube down and be counter productive. For all of these reasons, I really like this cube. But...

There is one thing that really makes me want to put this cube down. It is very clicky. I'm not sure but I think it's the point when the magnets line up. It seems like they always click together. To me it's just annoying. It makes it almost feel and seem mechanical in turning. That's the only bad thing I've got to say about it though.

So if you're looking for a cheap magnetized cube and you don't mind some clicking noise, this can be a great option for you.

Newest Reviews

2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Not the best
By will on 04 April 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
too fast and eats lube magnets rattled around the corner
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful
By Krishna Pallikonda on 22 March 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
not that good had to tighten cube and magnets were weak
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Get the little magic
By Mancel Mortensen on 01 March 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
To be honest, I have not ordered this cube, but I have tried it at a friends house, and it is nothing to the little magic M. The little magic corner cuts amazingly and with proper set up it could be better than the Valk 3
2 of 5 customers found this review helpful
By hey! do i MoYu? on 17 February 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
there is lots of pros like, the cube feels very smooth out of the box, and it is VERY fast. then there is a bunch of cons like, it pops every 3 solves, and it corner twist every 2 solves. it is also over lubricated. but overall, its OK.
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Good budget magnetic cube
By Alex on 07 February 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
This is my first experience with a magnetic cube and it's quite good! First few moves you could feel some lube covering the cube itself, but it goes away over time. The cube itself is VERY loose. Not sure about the strength of the magnets but they also seem to be closer to the loose side. The Core is thin and looks cheap, to be honest. The pieces are glued together so you can't take a look at the magnets, however online I saw that the magnets were embedded rather than glued, so this creates a slight rattling sound when you rotate the cube. Otherwise, it's a great cube!
6 of 7 customers found this review helpful
(Update) FAST!
By Asher J on 02 February 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M
This cube is super fast, and a little unstable (for my taste) out of the box. Turning is "airey", effortless, fast. The magnets are on the weaker end of the spectrum. With a little adjustment I am getting faster times on this than on my gts2m or v3m. If you have an accurate turning style and you are considering the gans um/sm, i would say try this first. If you want a top tier cube wo spending a lot of money, this is for you. Did I say how fast it is yet?
UPDATE: After having this cube for a while, and getting feed back from other people, there are things i should add, that i didnt put in my original review, and no one else has touched on yet.
First off,the thing i have heard the most, in person and online, is "the noise". i have learned cubers hate any type of cube noise passionately. This cube has a clicking sound, when turning, but oddly only on one face. this is on every cube. what it is, is a few magnets that are not securely in place, and move/click against the plastic when passing another magnet. A few dabs of super glue on the problem magnets completely solved the problem.
second, even though i stated this in my original review, the cube comes lose, and unstable. i am a fan of stable cubes, so i did not like it out of the box, but i did get it tightened somewhat, and it was to my liking. Some people say it is still too unstable. Even with it being loose, it will not pop or corner twist unless you purposely try.
The last problem seems to be what will ultimately be the reason you buy or dont buy, like or dont like this cube, its speed. I love how fast it is, and have been using this cube more than any of my other cubes because i have fallen in love with the effortless, super fast turning. It may be too fast for you though. As i said, if you dont have an accurate turning style, because of the speed and the lite magnets, you may get hangups. You cant just rely on the magnets, like you can on a cube like the gts2m.
That being said, i stand by my score. It rivals cubes double its price, it comes with a nice display case, and if you are a new cuber the only issue would be the noise. if you are looking for speed, this is for you. If you are on the fence, i would say try it, if you hate it, it was only 12 bucks.
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