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The Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6 is the first 6x6 from Cyclone Boys. It features modern design features like Florian-style holes, vibrant stickerless colors, and a robust internal mechanism -- all at an economical price.


Cube Dimensions68.5mm x 68.5mm x 68.5mm
Product Weight196.0g
Release Date11 February 2017

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Most Helpful Review

81 of 89 customers found this review helpful
Amazing.... Seriously
By Cubing4Fun on 01 March 2017
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
When I ordered this cube, I thought it was just going to be one of those budget big cubes that suck. I was wrong. My first turns were just Wow. This beat my wuhua with first turns, and I was amazed. I tensioned it a little, and It got even better. I broke my Pb single, mo3, ao5 and 12 with this. Definitely get this.
Would rate 16/5 if I could. Get it. Worth the $20.

Newest Reviews

A Fine 6 by 6
By Michael Johnson on 04 May 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
This cube was my first 6 by 6 and was perfectly fine right out the box. No issues with popping, turns smoothly so no lubricant necessary, and no need to adjust tension. In short, a fine 6 by 6.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Great after adjustments
By Michael Reinhardt on 26 April 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
Out of the box it was tight and squeaky, but the center caps can be popped off without taking apart the cube and after tensioning and lube it works great. Be careful not to loosen too much or the center catches, though the center always seems slightly too tight. Otherwise this isn't a problem since you're usually turning full center with all fingers. Little tricky for mid line only but it's okay, those usually are tricky anyway. Good buy.
First 6x6
By Luis on 07 April 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
This is my first 6x6 and its better than i expected. I thought this cube would pop after a few turns but when i got the cube is felt like it would never pop. I didnt mess with the tenstions because i think they are just right. There is little courner cutting but i dont really care because im just learning right now. As expected, the inner layers are more stiff than the outer layers. Adding lube helps it not be as stiff. To conclude, i love this 6x6 because it hasnt popped on me for 4 months and that it is a very reasonable 6x6 to work with. I would definatly recommend this to beginners.
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
How To Fix Issues
By Ryan on 13 March 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
Out of the box, the cube turned fairly well for the two outermost layers. However, the middle layers were stiff and made turning difficult if not impossible. For those who also find that this puzzle is tensioned a bit more tightly for their liking, please do not try to force pieces to disassemble the puzzle. The screws can be accessed by removing the four center caps. On a previous review, a cuber described that they removed the nub to make the middle layer turnable. I do not recommend this because these nubs are what ensure that the core is always aligned with the puzzle, especially because this is an even-layer puzzle so there is nothing directly connecting the pieces to the core. If the nub is preventing middle slices then you will need to turn the nub (loosen the screw first, then tighten afterwards) to fix this problem. After loosening the screws, this cube turns fantastic and didn't require any additionally lubing.
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Very Smooth
By Mr Leisure on 12 March 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
Cyclone Boyz has it right. Smooth out of the box. No complaints here!
3 of 6 customers found this review helpful
It’s ok
By Niko on 19 February 2018
Product: Cyclone Boys 6x6 G6
All the layers except the middle layer are ok. But the middle layer is very bad because I was loosening the tensions and saw a little nub blocking the layer from turning. I tried to cut it out and it turns better but I tried turning all the middle layers and there was another nub blocking the layer turning. Overall I wouldn’t buy this cube again
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