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The DaYan XiangYun is the 7th cube in the DaYan 3x3 series, and DaYan's latest release since the DaYan ZhanChi 2017. The XiangYun 3x3 features various improvements upon the ZhanChi 2017 design, and the result is a more competition viable cube. It also has a new capped design, and the stickerless version features primary internals.


Cube Dimensions56.0mm x 56.0mm x 56.0mm
Product Weight79.8g
Stock Color SchemeDaYan Color Scheme #2
Release Date08 March 2018

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Most Helpful Review

19 of 20 customers found this review helpful
honestly good lol
By Yusuf Ragab on 11 March 2018
Product: DaYan XiangYun 3x3
I was at my 3rd competition, and the store there had this puzzle. I got to try it out, and my thoughts on it were that this was honestly quite good.
It has a loud noise, however quiter than the Valk and a little louder than a GTS2.
The feeling of it was not that bad. Turning the puzzle, I can definitely say that I think that this puzzle’s goal was to be a fast, smooth, and controllable cube. Final score would be around 3.5 - 4 for me. For $13, there are probably better cubes on the market. Aside that, it’s a nice puzzle.

Newest Reviews

There's a lot going on here...
By Bridger Farnsworth on 24 May 2018
Product: DaYan XiangYun 3x3
Now, there's a lot going on here. When I first got the cube, it was fast and VERY crunchy. I put some Silk in it to make it a bit smoother, but it had no effect on the cube whatsoever. The cube ate up every type of lube I tried to use in it after only a few solves. The only lube I could get to make a lasting impression was Lubicle Black, which did improve the feel slightly, but it's a core lube, and of course, it's not going to eat up a core lube.

I only had the cube for about an hour when I decided to put magnets in it. I liked the stock cube but it was a bit too unstable for my liking. I placed N38 4x2 magnets in the corners and edges. Now, when I had done this, I discovered some amazing things. This cube is heavily under-credited for the new mechanisms it explores. First off, this cube will not break easily since the pieces are held together with screws, like the Gan Air SM. Second, the pieces are stickerless yet have primary internals. They managed to use a design that allowed for a split cap and still have smooth monochromatic internals. Third: While putting Lubicle Black on the core, I discovered that Dayan used a plastic spacer between the screw and the spring, as well as between the Spring and the center piece, basically eliminating spring sounds altogether.

I finished placing magnets in the cube, and it felt pretty nice, but the magnets weren't as prominent as I had hoped, so I employed a new method of putting magnets in the center pieces and the center of the edges. I had to make some adjustments to the center caps since it still uses the old tabbed design of the ZhanChi. Once I had put all 96 magnets in the cube, it now felt very controllable and sturdy. However, it was now quite heavy and it strained my wrists playing with it for extended periods of time.

I let the cube sit for a few days before I picked it up and played with it again. I do still like it and it makes a great spot in the collection, but I'll still be using the MF3RS2M as my main.
5 of 19 customers found this review helpful
Just bad
By JJcuber20 (on YouTube!) on 13 March 2018
Product: DaYan XiangYun 3x3
I personally have not bought one, but I tried Cubologists and a recent comp and it was just awful. The new cubes by Dayan are honestly getting worse and the old ones, and it is really sad to see because Dayan used to be the best brand and now they are just bad. If you are a collector you could get this cube but don’t get it for speedcubing. Just don’t.
11 of 15 customers found this review helpful
Good Cube but expensive
By David Suit on 11 March 2018
Product: DaYan XiangYun 3x3
When I first got this cube it was a bit fast. I slowed it down with silk and now it feels almost like a scratchier little magic. Overall good cube but not for the price. It is kind of expensive for how much you get
7 of 8 customers found this review helpful
Disappointing, but good for collecting
By Jaren Stevens on 11 March 2018
Product: DaYan XiangYun 3x3
Looks modern in design, but doesn't quite perform it. I'm glad dayan is still around, but this cube just doesn't quite make the cut. It's plenty fast and has okay corner cutting, but catches quite a bit. If you enjoy the valk or the aolong gt, i'd recommend it. Not for me, may be for you though.
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