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The YJ Floppy Ghost Cube is the 1x3x3 floppy variant of the original ghost cube. It features various irregular cuts for each layer that make it more challenging to solve compared to an ordinary 1x3x3 floppy cube.


Product Weight48.0g
Release Date19 September 2017


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You've Gotta Get One!
By Creekside Cubing on 25 September 2017
Product: YJ Floppy Ghost Cube
Out of the box, this puzzle feels like it's going to break on every turn, but after several solves, it now feels fairly smooth, though it does make some strange clicky sounds. It is not a super floppy cube, so don't expect those moves from it. And it is WAY harder than I thought it would be! It's my first ghost cube ever, and for the price, I think this puzzle is definitely worth it. It's actually quite fun to play with.

Newest Reviews

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the best floppy cube ever
By Alex Herrera on 05 February 2018
Product: YJ Floppy Ghost Cube
you need this if yj made this into a normal floppy cube if would the fans floppy cube:
anyways its the best one ever
its tensional and has caps on the edges so you can make to your favorite tensions never pops and has great stickers comes pre lubed and a fun challenge

warning:can really shape shift like a super floppy trying to do that might break it
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
By Utopia Cuber on 15 January 2018
Product: YJ Floppy Ghost Cube
I can't tell you to get this cube enough. It is amazing! It hasn't popped once, the turning quality is great, and it doesn't require any algorithms.
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Fidget like puzzle.
By Christopher Cummins on 10 November 2017
Product: YJ Floppy Ghost Cube
Very easy to solve and doesn't morph like the floppy cubes. However it feels solidly built and it is fun to develop your own algorithms for it. I highly recommend.
13 of 13 customers found this review helpful
Super fun and challenging!
By Coal Ore on 04 October 2017
Product: YJ Floppy Ghost Cube
I just got this cube today, and my god, I cannot put it down. It's so fun! It's different from your average 1x3x3; it has 5 places to turn rather than four. Note when buying this - it does not do super floppy cube moves, so don't try! You'll mess up stickers. It's way, way, harder than a 1x3x3, although it isn't incredibly hard, so don't worry, you'll eventually figure it out!
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