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The CH Galaxy Megaminx V2 M is the magnetized version of the X-Man Galaxy Megaminx V2 (Sculpted). Like the other CH-magnetized cubes, it features relatively low-strength magnets that give the cube a subtle but noticeable tactile feeling. The magnetization service was performed on a stock Galaxy Megaminx V2 Sculpted by Cuber's Home, an independent company based in China.

The Galaxy Megaminx V2 M is packaged inside a specially marked X-Man box, and it comes with all of the original Galaxy V2 materials plus a special brown cube bag, a screwdriver, some spare magnets, and a black cube stand.


Product Weight145.9g
Release Date24 January 2018


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Amazing puzzle and goodies!
By La Gringa Cuber on 20 April 2018
Product: CH Galaxy Megaminx V2 M
Not only is the puzzle nearly perfect out of the box, it also includes a cute bag, extra magnetized pieces (however in black), AND a cube stand! This is an amazing cube, especially for the price. The size is also smaller than the previous galaxy (which I like). It's really controllable with the magnets, I highly recommend it.
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Respectfully Good
By Zion Panz on 16 April 2018
Product: CH Galaxy Megaminx V2 M
SHORT: 5/5, light turning, light magnets, minimal corner twists, better corner cutting than v1, and (for me) I love the smaller size
Fast- quick, maybe a little too quick ootb but some silk helped
Small- for me, this is great (for a little perspective, I'm 18 and my pinky is only 5 cm long)
Magnets- enough to help keep "megaminx" shape
Colors- still love the colors and all of the extra magnets and pieces that comes with it
Magnets- good for shape, but when turning fast, don't really help, super light (maybe the cubicle one instead?)
Size- can see for people with bigger hands, there will be a big adjustment
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