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The GAN 249 V2 M the magnetized version of the GAN 249 V2. It features a honeycomb design on the corner contact points and an overall smooth feel. The Stickerless version features a bright stickerless color scheme, primary plastic internals, while the black plastic version features the GAN Full Bright color scheme and black plastic internals. It is packaged inside a special GAN box with a plastic tensioning tool and GAN CFOP pamphlet.


Cube Dimensions49.0mm x 49.0mm x 49.0mm
Product Weight55.9g
Stock Color SchemeGans Full-Bright Scheme
Fitted Stickers2x2 49mm - GAN Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers2x2 49mm - GAN Stickers
Release Date20 December 2017

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Most Helpful Review

79 of 90 customers found this review helpful
By Stormtrooper Tk-4444 on 20 December 2017
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
Just like the 249 m v1, this cube is very fast, and if has a bumpy feel to it. the tiles are brighter, and are not as slippery as the previous ones. The inner edge pieces help with lubrication; just seperate the corners to expose the edge, and add a drop of lubricant, then scramble the cube to help move around the lubricant.

Newest Reviews

3 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Great overall cube
By Bella Alt on 15 April 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
I ordered the stickerless version of the GAN 249 V2 M, and I really like it. This cube is now my main, after solving on it for about a week. I have adjusted the tensions a bit, but the majority of this review will be based on factory tensions, unless I state otherwise. This review will be broken up into different categories: corner cutting, speed, pops and lockups, colors, sounds, magnets, and weight.

Corner cutting:
Corner cutting on this cube is great. At factory tensions, this cube can do strictly 45 degrees, and with 1/4 turn tighter, it can cut 50 degrees. Reverse corner cutting is also excellent. At factory tensions, it can do 1/2 a piece, but with 1/4 turn tighter, it can do 2/3 of a piece.

This cube is quick. Even tightening the tensions on this cube will not significantly affect the cube's speed, but even if left at factory tensions, the cube is fast. Thanks to this cube, my PB single is now a 1.70 even.

Pops and lockups:
This cube has never popped and never locked up for me, and I don't see why it should start happening now. The cube has never had any catches either, and that really helps this cube go fast.

This cube has half-bright shades that will satisfy any cuber. They are less bright than the shades on the Valk 3, but brighter than MoYu shades. Even when solving in low light, you will be able to differentiate the colors.

This cube is average; nothing special here. It isn't that loud, but it isn't that quiet either. To compare, it is about as loud as a MoYu Lingpo.

This cube is magnetized, and is very good for cubers, like me, who turn very roughly but fast, and aren't very accurate. When turning very slow, the magnets are very noticeable, but when speed solving, you can't even tell that they are there. I am very glad for the magnets because they really help control the cube, without giving up too much speed.

This cube is quite light- 55.9 grams. The internal edge pieces are hollow which compensates for the magnets, but when I first solved on this cube, I felt like I was going to drop it because it was so light. But, after a few days, the feeling goes away.

Overall, I definitely recommend this cube as it is fast, controllable, comfortable, and has excellent corner cutting. This cube is really fun to solve on, and I could not speak higher of it.

1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
New Main (For 2x2)
By The Pen God on 13 April 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
Great! This is my new main coming from the ShengShou Legend 2x2. Then at a WCA competition I bought this cube. As soon I took it out it was my main. I might lube it in the future and it will be better than it is now. It has a bumpy feel to it, and I like it. This is my first Gan cube, and I will buy more in the future!
4 of 6 customers found this review helpful
Very Light
By Caleb Starr on 31 March 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
The cube is overall a very airy/swooshy cube but I find it a little too light in the hands for my liking. The cube is surprisingly flexible and catches quite frequently. It would be better for smaller, weaker hands with a more accurate turning style. I still stick with the dayan 3 years running.
4 of 12 customers found this review helpful
Very sandy outages the box
By BJones on 31 March 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
Although the quality seems to be very good the feeling is not. Lubed it up and it's still gritty. Time will tell. To be fair I've never owned a GAN before and I really like the Valk feel. I hope the rest of the GAN line feels better. The grittiness makes it feel cheap.
2 of 19 customers found this review helpful
Way too sandy
By Herlinda Sanabria on 29 March 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
I recieved mine very sandy even after Lube and breaking in, wastill very scratchy
5 of 13 customers found this review helpful
Best 2x2 on the market
By Nick Coulman on 26 March 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
It is honestly the best 2x2 on the market. I would recommend it to anyone
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