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The GAN 249 V2 M the magnetized version of the GAN 249 V2. It features a bright stickerless color scheme, primary plastic internals, a honeycomb design on the corner contact points, and an overall smooth feel. It is packaged inside a special GAN box with a plastic tensioning tool and GAN CFOP pamphlet.


Cube Dimensions49.0mm x 49.0mm x 49.0mm
Product Weight55.9g
Release Date20 December 2017

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Most Helpful Review

46 of 52 customers found this review helpful
By Stormtrooper Tk-4444 on 20 December 2017
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
Just like the 249 m v1, this cube is very fast, and if has a bumpy feel to it. the tiles are brighter, and are not as slippery as the previous ones. The inner edge pieces help with lubrication; just seperate the corners to expose the edge, and add a drop of lubricant, then scramble the cube to help move around the lubricant.

Newest Reviews

By froiiy on 15 February 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
the cube came very tight and hard to tension, hard to lube and magnets were very loud. Very sandy and lots of flash in my cube. I don't know if it was only my cube, but this was my experience.
By Seth on 15 February 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
This cube was an excellent 2x2 the instant I started turning it I knew it was perfect. I've dropped my 2x2 times from 8 seconds to 5 seconds!
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Good Beginner's Cube!
By F1scherman on 20 January 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
The magnets are nice and light, but strong enough to keep stability. It is a bit dry out of the box, but after some lubicle speedy, it feels less dry and more fast. The box it came in was good, however a pain to get out and after getting the outside cover off and the cube in my hands, the box fell apart. I would prefer if they glued or taped the box together, but that's my OCD talking. I would also prefer if they kept the black internals like the V1, I thought those were nice.
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful
Better than my last main
By Robert Schaeffner on 17 January 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
I think this cube is worth the $18 i spent on it. it is very smooth out of the box and the magnets are STRONG! . Very good corner cutting and fast and controllable. It has a sandy sound to it that i don't like but other than that it is a great cube!
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful
So Amazing
By Leobardo Flores on 13 January 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
This Is Worth the 18 dollars if your wondering this 2x2 has great smooth turning.
8 of 9 customers found this review helpful
By Ryan Mulligan on 10 January 2018
Product: GAN 249 V2 M
I thought this cube was gonna be bad but it ended up being my main. Gan uses strong magnets and that’s good because it helped make the 249 v2 m stable. It’s is fast and controllable. Definetly and improvement on the v1
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