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The GAN 356 Air SM has arrived! This highly-anticipated successor to the GAN 356 Air UM features an all-new design that has been optimized for magnetization, with specialized slots for holding the magnets, a new and improved elasticity system (GES V2), and a unique honeycomb design on the pieces. The Air SM feels very fast and quiet right out of the box. Each Air SM comes with a full set of 7 GES V2 spring components, GAN full bright stickers, a GAN CFOP tutorial pamphlet, plastic adjusting tool, and a GAN 356 Air SM VIP card.

The current 3x3 WR Average of 5.97 seconds was set by Feliks Zemdegs using this cube.


Cube Dimensions56.0mm x 56.0mm x 56.0mm
Product Weight76.6g
Stock Color SchemeGans Full-Bright Scheme
Fitted Stickers3x3 56mm - Gans Stickers
Full-Fitted Stickers3x3 56mm - GAN FF Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers3x3 56mm - Gans Stickers
Release Date15 September 2017

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Replacement Parts3x3 Replacement Parts


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Most Helpful Review

180 of 196 customers found this review helpful
Fixes the Gan Air UM
By Jisu Kim on 16 September 2017
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
After solving, lubing, and tensioning (with the GES nuts) the previously released Gan Air UM for two months, I came to the conclusion that a lot of other people had. The magnets were too strong, there were catching issues, and even for an cube enthusiast, the lubing and tensioning experimentation was too tedious (sometimes, even a 15 degree turn on the GES nuts completely changed the tensioning). The Original GAN Air 356 was soft and somewhat tactile, but it seemed like the UM was just a completely different puzzle, at least for me. I was using mainly yellow springs with Weight 3 lube, and DNM-37 with medium tension.

The SM however has changed almost all of these problems. With lighter magnets, and a change in the pieces' design, the cube feels lighter (although it's a couple grams heavier), crunchier (feels more tactile and pleasant compared to the too artificially smooth feeling of the UM), and after tinkering around with the new GES springs and tensions, found a setting for me that allows me to turn as fast as I want with virtually no catching (once I have warmed up). I have my cube at yellow springs, weight 3 on the core, Lubicle Silk and just a drop of dnm 37 on the contact pieces to achieve a fast and tactile cube that is reminiscent of the old Weilong GTS (in terms of tactileness) but keeps the same Gan Air feeling that the UM just seemed to miss.

Some of the problems might be that the puzzle doesn't have as much corner cutting as other puzzles like the Weilong GTS2M, but with the magnets and stability this puzzle provides, I have had no problem with it once I did around a hundred solves to get used to the turning of this the puzzle just looks so pretty...

Newest Reviews

By Remi Dijoux on 13 April 2018
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
This cube need to be setup in a good way. I think personnaly like the green / yellow GES. It's smooth and the corner is very good (depend of what GES you use of course).
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
It's like this cube knows what I want it to do
By Patrick Doyle on 09 April 2018
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
Out of the box, no adjustment or lube, I found this cube's performance astonishing. It responds to the lightest touch, which has enabled me to make heavier use of efficient algorithms that use weaker fingers, like my ring fingers. The full-bright stickers let me keep cubing in lower light, where I used to be unable to tell yellow from white. I was looking forward to trying the other spring nuts that come with it, but it's hard for me to imagine them making this cube any better than it already is.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
No cubes can be better than this.
By Nicholas QIN on 09 April 2018
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
I got this cube for christmas,and when I got it i was not pleased of what I got but then my dad told me to do my first turns and it was awesome but thought I should lube it.So I did my first solve and actually got my personal best of 12 seconds.So really recommend this cube,I'm using green nuts in my cube right now.A lot thank to thecubicle and the GAN company.
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
By Didi Didi on 05 April 2018
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
this cube is AWESOME! it is worth 50$! it is great out of the box! definently recomend! do not listen to the grindy sound review.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
By JVF Cubing on 05 April 2018
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
When I first got this puzzle after all the hype, hearing that it was the best cube out of the box, I was surprised that it was so terrible after unboxing it. Realising that the tensions were too tight, I loosened the puzzle and swapped it with my preferred yellow nuts and lubed it with Silk and DNM-37. After that it was AMAZING!!!!! Conner cutting was extremely good, turning was smooth and buttery and the magnets complement the cube perfectly.

The only problems with this cube is that it eats a lot of lube and it is just toooo expensive. If your looking for an upgrade u should definitely get this puzzle, but if you are already happy with your current main then it is best not to switch to this puzzle.

I rate this cube 9/10!!!
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Made me a lot faster.
By Mikhail Neverman on 02 April 2018
Product: GAN 356 Air SM
When I got this cube, it was an upgrade from my previous GAN 356 air. That cube was my main for about a year before I decided to get an upgrade. I already knew that I wanted a magnetic cube, so I was deciding between the Valk 3 M, the WeiLong GTS2 M and this cube.After watching comparisons and reading other reviews, I decided that I would get this cube. When I got this cube, I did not regret my decision. Even without being lubed, the cube felt very smooth but still had a satisfying sound when I turned it. My time dropped 4 seconds the first day that I got this cube, and when I go back and feel my old cube, I wonder how I ever even used it. The magnets have a good middle ground that lets a side snap into place without creating any kind of resistance that you can even feel. Overall, I would definitely recommend this cube and I am very satisfied with this puzzle.

- I use blue GES nuts, which is how they were set up when I got the cube. I did try some of the other tensions, but I liked the blue ones the best as they fit my turning style more than any of the others.
- I did end up lubing the cube with DNM-37, which just made it even more smooth and comfortable to use.
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