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The GAN 460 is the highly anticipated 4x4 from GAN featuring a new magnetic positioning system and rounded pieces. It has a crunchy and fast feel, which gives it tremendous speed and feel in its outer layers.

The package contains the GAN 460 in a plastic case, a GAN protective cube bag, and a GAN tensioning tool.


Cube Dimensions60.0mm x 60.0mm x 60.0mm
Product Weight139.5g
Release Date11 May 2018

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Most Helpful Review

32 of 39 customers found this review helpful
Best 4x4 yet?
By Stormtrooper Tk-4444 on 13 May 2018
Product: GAN 460
This cube right out of the box is quite good. After a while of breaking in, it gets a little bit faster, as well as middle slices change. the middle slices may become too unstable with a little bit of overshooting. After some time I set up this cube, and since then, it has gotten better. The cube's middle slices are just how I like them to be, although it may vary from person to person, i had let someone try out my cube and they said the middle slices where still too unstable, tough, I liked it because it did not overshoot as before. The outer layers are just fine. They are really good, and they really make 3x3 stage something to look forward too. I personally think that 3x3 stage is just like using a Gan SM. This cube overall feels like a Gan 3x3x3 with the amazing inner slice. I would definitely recommend this cube to other people who can afford it. If you where wondering if the cube would be released in an unmagnitized version, I would highly doubt it, for it will become too unstable and might be a cube you would not enjoy for it would pop. I would recommend this cube to anyone who wants a good 4x4x4 and doesn't want to buy a lot just to compare. If you still feel uncertain about this cube, see if anyone will let you try it out at a cube competition.

Newest Reviews

3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Awesome first 4x4 from Gan!
By Christopher Goodwin on 12 June 2018
Product: GAN 460
So I ordered this cube having been very pleased with all my Gan 3x3's so I was certainly excited they were going to take that quality at bring it a 4x4. I recieved the cube with the Cubicle pro lube service which I highly recommend because the cube felt ready to go for the most part right out of the box. It was a hair slow in the beginning, but after just 5 solves it felt great. The cube is plenty fast enough and you do feel the trademark Gan bump as the magnets help keep the cube stable and lock up free. The corner cutting is nice and I don't get the sensation that the cube has any chance of popping on me, I left the tensions where they were out of the box. All in all I love solving on this cube, it's a nice size in the hands and I definitely recommend, just in the first day I spent solving with the cube I beat my PB twice. The Gan 460 has become a very serious contender for my new main, hard to believe its their first 4x4.
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Great first 4x4 from GAN
By Anton Ta on 09 June 2018
Product: GAN 460
This cube is a good 4x4. It has good corner cutting and the outer layers are fast. It feels light and crunchy. I loosened it half a turn and lubed it with DNM, Angstrom, Lunar, and Silk, and it seemed to work out for me. I brought it to a comp and I heard some mixed reviews. Kevin Hays said it was terrible and ten times worse than the Yuxin Blue. Other cubers really liked it. A lot people said that the inner magnets were too strong, but I disagree with them. The inner layers catch sometimes, but it doesn’t stop me from rating it 5 stars. Overall, I think this cube is a great first GAN 4x4.
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Best, favorite by far
By Tim Epperson on 08 June 2018
Product: GAN 460
INSTANT MAIN, out of the box the performance was mind blowing, turns so smooth. The magnets are perfect strength to give the cube that stable and controllable feel....without being over powering. And it has a great sound to it as it turns, that clicky sound that I love. The cube itself was very clean and the stickers were perfectly placed on all sides. Presentation was not much from a collectors stand point but I definitely recommend this cube to everybody, price is not bad!! I can't wait till a custom version becomes available!! This is probably my favorite cube period! U get what u expect from Gan, a Superior cube that is reliable and miles above all other mass produced 4x4!!! Quit reading and go buy it!!
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
This potentially beats the WuQue
By Easton Washburn on 07 June 2018
Product: GAN 460
After getting a black one directly from GAN, I ordered a stickerless 460 from the cubicle. Immediately after getting it I put in some Dignitas and DNM, and this has become my favorite 4x4. Now I’m not typically a 4x4 solver but the slight locks on the inner layers are entirely outweighed by how effortless, smooth, and precise the outer layers are. The only problem this cube has is that there arent any options for tensioning at the moment. Bottom line? Buy this cube, Ångstrom it up, and enjoy.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Smooth and slick.
By Don Trachsel on 06 June 2018
Product: GAN 460
I have been waiting for the GAN 460M to come out for months. This 4x4 is amazing smooth stable and fun to twist. The fit and finish is top of the line stuff and I would suggest this puzzle to anyone thinking of getting a quality 4x4.
I'm not some GAN superfan, but I liked the way this cube looked. This is actually the first GAN I have owned except the Rubik's RSC, and I would buy it again.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Pretty good
By AnonymousCuber123 on 31 May 2018
Product: GAN 460
I got a chance to try out this cube at Tea Time Spring 2018. The outer layers are REALLY good. They might even be better than the SM. The inner layers are not to great though. They're pretty slow and catchy. I'm pretty sure that with lube and tensioning they could get better but overall the inner layers aren't that great. Overall, though, I think that since the outer layers are so good, if you want a new 4x4 and don't mind doing a lot of work setting up, it's still a really good cube.
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