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The YJ GuanShi 6x6 is a new, lightweight 6x6 with a low price point. It feels solid yet smooth right out of the box. Great as an inexpensive first 6x6 for those just getting started with big cubes!


Cube Dimensions68.6mm x 68.6mm x 68.6mm
Product Weight227.7g
Stock Color SchemeMoYu/QiYi Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers6x6 67mm - AoShi Stickers
Release Date11 May 2017


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Most Helpful Review

13 of 13 customers found this review helpful
Amazing Beginners 6x6
By Matthew Douglas on 02 June 2017
Product: YJ GuanShi 6x6
This was my first 6x6 and it is great. Preformed really well out of the box I put some lube in it after a few solves and now it is even better than before. Overall its a great cube really good for beginners and for its great price.

Newest Reviews

3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
By David Lozano on 23 November 2017
Product: YJ GuanShi 6x6
When I first unboxed this, it was slow, bumpy and very catchy on all three layers, but the third layer is the worst because it’s the slowest and the most catchy. Doing OLL parity is very slow and PLL parity is is very catchy. Now there is a popping problem. for example, on my 20 solve, when I was solving the last 2 centers, half of the cube (including internal pieces) exploded right in front of my eyes (at stock tentions). And a couple of the center pieces likes to twist a lot when building the centers, and when that happens then the entire cube locks up, and most of the times pops when it locks up. Overall, this cube is one of the worst options to get if your looking for a new main, the cube is barely speed solvable with all of the catches, lockup’s, and since it’s so slow, my fingers feel sore after only one to two solves! I only recommend this to beginners who want to learn how to solve one, if you don’t mind it popping often. The only positive about this is it gets a little better with some lubicle silk, and he price are the only positives with this cube.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Fairly good
By Oliver Russell on 02 November 2017
Product: YJ GuanShi 6x6
Its great for a beginner 6x6, the turning on each layer is evenly distributed. This is probably because it doesn't turn great. This is alright because I'm not a fast 6x6 solver. Just whatever you do, DO NOT TENSION. This will end up in total destruction as I experienced the day it arrived. And if you a new cuber and/or don't understand the mechanism, trust me you will risk your sanity trying to reassemble this thing. Asides from the negative this is good if you just want to learn and have fun with big cubes and not pay too much. If you fall in this category I'd recommend this cube entirely.
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Only for true beginners
By Aaryan on 26 July 2017
Product: YJ GuanShi 6x6
This cube is good for people who are just learning 6x6 like me but is in no way speed solvable. Out of the box it would barely turn and after a little break in it could turn normally but with a little catches. Also, this cube has zero corner cutting and I mean zero. If the cube isn't perfectly aligned it just won't turn. Thats good because you can't those those really bad lockups where all the pieces misalign but it really slows you down. This doesn't mean that the turning is bad, but its hard to start the turn. Overall good for true beginners but for anyone else there are better options.
9 of 21 customers found this review helpful
still no SuShi
By Spicy Boi on 13 May 2017
Product: YJ GuanShi 6x6
I imagine this cube is exactly like the YuShi but stickered. The YuShi is an OK cube as it is, but it wasn't named the SuShi. Well, they just released a new 6x6..... and it's not the SuShi.
Maybe one day our fantasies will be fulfilled.
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