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Fans of the original 1x1x1 cube will likely find the 1x1 Megaminx a comparable challenge. The 1x1 Megaminx is fully pre-stickered in the FangShi LimCube 12-sided Color scheme. It measures approximately 14mm along each side, making it about the same size as a standard megaminx center.


Product Weight22.8g
Stock Color SchemeFangShi LimCube 12-Sided Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers1x1 Megaminx 14mm
Factory-Fitted Stickers1x1 Megaminx 14mm
Release Date01 February 2018


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*Insert something about amazing puzzle here*
By Yusuf Ragab on 02 February 2018
Product: 1x1 Megaminx
This is an amazing cube. Dodecahedron? Cube? I dunno. So this puzzle is currently my 1x1 megaminx main. I average about sub-3.5 on this event. I practice everyday with it, it’s just incredible! My previous main was an old, sluggish, Rubik’s brand 1x1 megaminx. Now that this puzzle has been released, nothing else even compares to it. It’s corner cutting exceeds 45 degrees for normal cuts, and nearly two-thirds reverse. Its turning is buttery-smooth and never catches, locks up, or pops. So far after a few weeks of owning this puzzle, I have broken numerous PBs with it. My new PB single is 1.098. The sticker shades are absolutely incredible and none of the stickers have any chips in them. Final score: 9.5/10.

Newest Reviews

3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Love It!
By Carter Brown on 08 February 2018
Product: 1x1 Megaminx
This is a great product. It has a decent weight to it, it feels very high quality, and it has good stickers as well. In summary, I really love this puzzle, and it fits in well with my other minxes.
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
By Jahmone Inthavong on 07 February 2018
Product: 1x1 Megaminx
This is a very similar puzzle to the 1x1 cube. These sides make it a little easier and has really good corner cutting. Although this was a good cube, it was pretty dry (added lubicle black +dnm-37) and the screws were a bit too tight but once you fix that, the megaminx is terrific and might be too good to be true.
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Finally a STICKERED version
By MJCuber on 02 February 2018
Product: 1x1 Megaminx
It was always a pain on the last variant to align the stickers perfectly, and since it's 1x1, app tape really didn't help. But now we have a professional sticker job to this! I have the old, non-stickered version, and it is very smooth. Infinite corner-cutting (It has a device in it that can tell what side you want it to turn to), and freshly opened butter smooth. A little sandy ootb, but once you break it in, its not that bad! High quality item, definetly recommend
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