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The MoYu AoShi 6x6 is finally available! This hotly anticipated 6x6 cube from renowned cube manufacturer MoYu is expected to perform better than the existing 6x6s on the market.


Fitted Stickers6x6 67mm - AoShi Stickers
Release Date18 October 2014

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Most Helpful Review

36 of 43 customers found this review helpful
A very good cube, but
By Filip Gran Reierskog on 13 March 2015
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
This was (and at the time is the only) my first 6x6 and I must say, I had high hopes, most of which it did live up to.

Only problem for me is I can't seem to find a tension in between too heavy to rotate and so loose it locks up or pops. If I want the inner layers loose enough to be easy to rotate with fingertricks the outer layers lock up and/or pop way too often, if I want the outer layers perfect the inner layers get so tight they become cumbersome.

Other than problems tensioning there really isn't anything wrong with it from my point of view. If you don't have a 6x6 this is a great first one if you can afford it. If you can take the time to find the perfect tension for you that is. I'm still working on that, but I know it's there... Somewhere.

Newest Reviews

Not bad at all, could be better however
By TheUnknown on 10 April 2018
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
Only thing I dont like that the cube is not as stable as other cubes out there on the market. The turning is pretty decent and controlable. To be honest I would go for the newer cubes on the market, which offer better turning and a more affordable price.
MoYu AoShi
By Anonymous on 01 January 2018
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
This cube is crunchy and pretty decent for beginners. Corner cutting isn't great and is slow. The stickers (At least for me) were placed poorly and don't seem to stay on very well. When turning (Even after tensioning several times) felt like it could pop or catch at any moment. I felt like I really had to be careful when turning because of the way the turning felt. Out of the box the cube is very sluggish, slow, and crunchy. After a lot of solves it gets a bit faster and less crunchy. For beginners this is a cube to begin with, but for experienced cubers, I would not recommend this cube.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Good cube
By Lukas Batema on 30 December 2017
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
This cube completely popped, now I can’t fix it, I would recommend to beginners though.
Moyu Aoshi 6x6
By Cael on 05 November 2017
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
It was “ok” out of the box, but a little slow on all layers. It’s good for a beginner learning to solve it. A little lube and loosening fixed most of the problems, however it still pops sometimes.
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
AoShi 6x6
By Ryan Brett on 11 July 2017
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
The Moyu AoShi is a really good puzzle. Out of the box it was greasy but turned well.
I haven't done any set up on it and after ~25 solves it was amazing!
Corner cutting is about one piece forwards and 1/2 a piece reverse.
Only bad thing was there were four stickers on the red face that were cut poorly.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Pretty good
By Doan Phu Khoa on 12 May 2017
Product: MoYu AoShi 6x6
The MoYu Aoshi was really dry and bumpy out of the box. With some lube that can be fixed easily. The major flaw of the cube is impossible to find the right tension.
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