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The MoYu AoSu GTS M is the upgraded version of the iconic AoSu, which was first released at the beginning of 2014. It features superb corner-cutting, stability, and an overall improved feeling. Additionally, the AoSu GTS M is fully magnetized right out of the box to provide tactile feedback and outstanding turning.

The AoSu GTS M is packaged inside a large display box with a magnetic latch, and it includes a randomly-selected MoYu collectible card and a few spare magnets.


Cube Dimensions62.0mm x 62.0mm x 62.0mm
Product Weight141.8g
Stock Color SchemeGans/MFG Half-Bright Scheme
Fitted Stickers4x4 62mm - AoSu GTS Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers4x4 62mm - AoSu GTS Stickers
Release Date09 November 2017

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Replacement Parts4x4 Replacement Parts


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Most Helpful Review

69 of 78 customers found this review helpful
Everything that the wuque did right without any of the faults that came with it
By Christopher Chow on 14 November 2017
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
You know that weird catch that the wuque always had? yeah it's not on this cube. It turns like a dream and its pretty fast out the box. I set mine up with medium tensions with lubical black, dnm, and lubicle speedy and oh my god it is so good.

Newest Reviews

Good Cube
By Matteo Verzotti on 04 June 2018
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
I was expecting a bit more from MoYu.

All the colors are really bright and easy to recognize (stickerless).
This is a really good cube, but you need to work a bit on tensioning and lubing so I recommend using the lube service. Out of the box, the cube is really tight, can corner-cut around 25 degrees and almost no reverse corner cutting. However, after a bit of tensioning and lubing, I made it great so it fits my turning speed! The magnets are pretty weak in the exterior, but stronger in the middle layers.
In conclusion, this cube will need a bit of break-in, but after that, it is amazing!
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Buy this cube
By Lonnie Moon on 08 May 2018
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
The AoSu Gts is a great cube. With some lube, it will be fit for your feeling. I added some silk and dnm - 37 to make it smooth and silky. If your looking for a new 4 by 4, this is the way to go
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
A pretty decent 4x4
By Christopher Ramos on 06 May 2018
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
This puzzle is really good. It turns fast and smooth out of the box. However, the downside is the centers can break. The notches that keep the centers in place can snap and cause locking issues. But, otherwise, this is definitely a really good 4x4.
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Better than the wuque
By Mitchell Kosulin on 20 April 2018
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
I LOVE IT. This is super fast and crunchy and smooth. It is much better than the Wuque. I beat all my pbs with this amazing cube
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Amazing but popped too much
By Craig Rickett on 03 April 2018
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
After I unboxed the cube and did 75 solves it became amazing and allowed me to get my first sub 1 single and a sub 1:05 average so I kept doing a lot of 4x4 solves. After about 500 solves the cube began to pop about every 15 solves. other than that this is an amzing cube
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Great cube
By Trevor Downing on 02 April 2018
Product: MoYu AoSu 4x4 GTS M
Im slow on 4×4 but this cube dropped my times by at least 20 second. The added stability has let my 3×3 skills show where other cubes would be to unstable for me. The magnets could be stronger but the cube is the best 4×4 I've had
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