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The Z Penrose 3x3 is an exciting new 3x3 shape mod from Z-Cubes. It is a 3-colored cube in which various edges of the cube have been rounded off to form a repeating pattern across the cube. The presence of only 3 colors and multiple identical-looking pieces introduces additional parities, which makes solving the Penrose 3x3 a unique challenge.


Product Weight74.0g
Release Date19 September 2017


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Most Helpful Review

9 of 14 customers found this review helpful
By Anonymous on 03 October 2017
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
Corner cuts great for a z cube! lube with cubicle speedy and tension with 2 hand twists looser and its fantastic. A great release from z cube!

Newest Reviews

I like this
By Arden on 02 July 2018
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
First of all, this is just a fun and cool cube. The solves are easy and quick, turns are great, no lube needed. The penrose I bought was used, but is still faster than my speed cube. (Cyclone boys sucks.) So either this is the best penrose there is, or the previous owner used an excessive amount of lube. I would definitely suggest this cube.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
I like it. Not as simple as it looks.
By Justin Wright on 26 March 2018
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
Out of the box the tensions were very loose, and the cube unstable. After a quick adjustment the turning was perfect, and the corner cutting was pretty good.

It has a very light, airy feel, but this feels kinda cheap to me (at $8 it is cheap). The caps come off very easy, but not accidently(yet).

My only real complaint are the stickers. They were poorly applied. 2 of them were hanging over the edge of a piece, one was slightly torn/cracked, and 2 centers were way off-center. That sounds worse than it is. I repositioned the crooked ones, and the cracked one is barely visible. Now it's fine.

Overall I'd recommend this cube. It's a fun solve with a unique twist on the standard 3x3x3, which also makes it more challenging to solve.
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
By Nathan Rudolph on 14 January 2018
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
The Penrose 3x3 came exactly as advertised. It caught a little out of the box, but after a quick tension adjustment it worked great.
3 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Really bad sticker quality
By Stian Angell on 11 January 2018
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
When i opened this package the first thing I noticed was that the sticker quality was not very good and seemed kinda cheap. Also there were some color strokes on the white side that definitely did not belong here. Turning was ok but not great (after lubing and tensioning it it got better :) ). Unfortunately i can not recommend this cube :(
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Penrose Cube
By Brent Richter on 14 December 2017
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
This Cube turns Fantastic. Its a Fun puzzle. I really enjoy it. On the last layer there is a parity.
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful
By Matthew Nidiffer on 04 November 2017
Product: Z Penrose 3x3
This cube was a unevenly tensioned out of the box, and turning was great on all but 2 sides. After a bit of tensioning, it turns like a dream. Doesn't really corner cut that well, but is better than expected for a shape mod. Very satisfying solve, and a brilliant take on the traditional 3x3. Would absolutely purchase again.
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