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The premium lube sampler is a discounted bundle containing all 3 of our newest premium lubes in the 3mL sampler size. With the sampler, you can try out all of our premium lubes and decide which combinations work best with your cube setup.

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Release Date21 June 2017


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Trash, Perfect, Perfect (OMG FIRST)
By JackCubes (On Youtube!) on 26 June 2017
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
I did not buy this bundle, but I have all of these lubes.

Lub1cle 1 - 2.5 stars

This lube(in my opinion) is trash. When I shook well, and put two drops in my GTS 2 and GANS 356 Air it immediately wrecked them. They made the cube gummy, less smooth, and VERY locky. Both these cubes would start to lock more, and I hate this lube. I don't know if this is a faulty batch or what, but I will not be using this lube.

Lubicle Silk - This lube is amazing. It is like using a little bit of weight 3 on the pieces, but better. This lube dampens the cube and speeds it up VERY slightly.

DNM-37 - This lube is also amazing. It speeds up the cube a lot, and recommend using it if you like fast cubes, like me.

The only reason this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because of Lub1cle.

Newest Reviews

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If You Need Some Lube Get This Pack!!!!!!
By Anonymous on 01 April 2018
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
This premium lube kit is amazing! All three lubes are insanely good (even though a lot of people say Lub1cle sucks)! My favorite is the DNM-37 then the Lubicle Silk then the Lubicle 1. I lubed my Valk Power M with DNM-37 and Lubicle Silk on the pieces and a bit of silk on the core and the cube was amazing! So smooth and so fast! Lubicle 1 is good if you need to make up a slight bit of lube and it is good on your not-so-good cubes. Plus, this pack can last you 3+ months guaranteed. Overall, 5 stars!
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Great lubes!
By CrookShanks4000 on 31 March 2018
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
This bundle is overall really great. This bundle has three great touch-up lubes, and at a great price.

Lubicle 1- I can't seem to find why this lube is getting dissed so much. I found this lube to be kind of a middle ground or mix between Silk and DNM. It's really good on big cubes.

Lubicle SIlk- Great lube! I lubed my main 2x2 and 3x3 with this and they are much smoother and softer.

DNM- The best part. This lube made 2 of my 3x3s amazingly fast. I would really reccomend this.
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ausome but..
By cube lube on 12 March 2018
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
These lubes are awsome lubicle 1 is a bit pointless silk is my favorite it makes it really smooth dnm makes it really fast
lubicle 1 makes it a bit of both but unfortunately i droped way too much dnm now none left samething with lubicle 1 but less major and now i have like no lube so if this is your first time ordering lube be carful not like me.
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By DCcuber on 01 March 2018
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
The only reason this review is an ok is because the lubicle 1 just brings it down in value. It makes the cube gummy and slow and just ruins the cube, on the other hand the lubicle silk and dnm 37 is amazing the dnm gives it a controllable speed but still a fast speed and the dnm gives it an even faster feel. I recommend just getting silk and dnm. I personally only use a combination of silk and dnm.
9 of 10 customers found this review helpful
Words alone cannot explain these lubricants.
By Yusuf Ragab on 24 January 2018
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
I'm going to say what anyone would expect from other cubers.
By far. I like all three lubricants. I'll go from Lubicle 1 to Silk.
Lubicle one is very nice in weary cubes. I have a fangshi 2x2 that's been rotting away for nearly 2 years now and didn't really turn well until I put some Lubicle 1 into it.
After that, the cube became nice and smooth, along with a new quiet sound to it. 4.75/5.
DMN-37: 3 words: GOTTA GO FAST. enough said here. 6/5.
Silk: By far one of the best if not the best lubricants on the market. Putting a drop or 2 in a cube will make it very nice, a bit faster, and smoother. I put some in my crappy 5x5 and loosened it, and it's much thanks to that set-up. ∞/5.
One last thing to mention for this sampler is that the bottles are small and you may think they won't last long, but if you're a cuber with not many puzzles that you need to lubricate, this sampler will last you a while. Mine lasted for 3 or 4 months, and I still have a few drops to spare.If you need lubricant, buy this sampler. If you need lubricant that will last you a longer time, then get the bundle. The bundle is double the size and the price, but is worth it in the long run.
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
cubicle lube sampler
By Josiah Popp on 02 January 2018
Product: Premium Lube Sampler
the lubes are all quite good and all make your cubes smoother and faster.
I used some silk and dnm in my mf3s which was my least favorite cube I owned but after lube and breaking in it is my main over the cubicle pro valk not because of performance (which did improve) but from the feel
they all are great lubes and I highly recommend them I just would say get more than just this of the lubes because this is just barely enough to try lube on a few cubes so get more but they are great none the less. My favorite is silk then dnm and the lubicle 1
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