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The QiYi Sail 3x3 is a new, lightweight speedcube with a very low price point. It feels stable yet smooth right out of the box. Great as an inexpensive first speedcube for beginners!


Cube Dimensions56.5mm x 56.5mm x 56.5mm
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - AoLong Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers3x3 54.6mm - FangShi Stickers
Release Date30 September 2015

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Most Helpful Review

62 of 99 customers found this review helpful
By CHcuber on 05 October 2015
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
Ok, so this cube is pretty weird. So when I got this (at Phillips Exeter cube day ) it felt super scracthy and very springy. Know that I set it up though, it is still scracthy but lost the springy feel. I would recommend this to beginners.

Newest Reviews

2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Considering this is 4 dollars it's pretty dam good
By Jacob Dam on 20 April 2018
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
I lubed mine with weight 3 on the core, traxxas on the feet and speedy on the pieces and it's pretty spanking good, i could get my normal times with this cube. It has a loud and clanky feel, it's smooth and bumpy, overall a bargain for 4 dollars
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful
By Bourcube on 14 April 2018
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
Listen here, this is, hands down, the best modding cube. Yes it has kinda annoying caps, but with a little superglue, that’s fixed. The mechanism is tiny, so you can cut really far, like mastermorphix or anti prism far. It turns great too, and is rather easy to assemble compared to others I’ve used. And, if you fail, it’s 4 bucks, so who cares? Give it a go. It’s not bad for speedcubing either. I’ve gotten 35 second solves (beginners method with f2l). Corner cutting isn’t what I call amazing (45 forward, 20-30 backward) but it’s workable. It’s fast if set up, not exceptional, but it’s still good. I just like how it feels even with extensions and cuts, it doesn’t change that much. I love it so much, I’m ordering a few tonight, as a matter of fact. If that doesn’t convince you to spend 4 bucks, I don’t know what will. You won’t regret it.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Bad, but great for the price.
By Michael Lyga on 27 March 2018
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
It's an interesting concept. It's horrible compared to other cubes that are just a bit more expensive, but this thing is only four dollars. A single piece of green paper could buy twenty-five of these. If you have a family member who wants a Rubiks Cube for their birthday, get this. 1/3 the cost of a Rubik's Brand and infinitely times more satisfying to solve.
2 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Best budget cube!
By Anonymous on 11 March 2018
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
Its may not be as good as the Little Magic or MF3RS, but it really has potential. I only got this cube for $1.55, making the cheapest 3x3 I have ever bought. It has a very smooth but bumpy turning style, its corner cutting is not the best but good enough. Overall, I think its a great cube!
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful
By Karen Su on 10 March 2018
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
It is fast with good corner cutting, but it feels very cheap and buttery. Would recommend for beginner cubers.
Good budget cube
By Tim Epperson on 21 February 2018
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
Turns great out of the box, a little spring noise....corner cut on par for budget cube...over all nice feel. It's no little magic, but still highly recommend for new cubers!!
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