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The QiYi Sail 3x3 is a new, lightweight speedcube with a very low price point. It feels stable yet smooth right out of the box. Great as an inexpensive first speedcube for beginners!


Cube Dimensions56.5mm x 56.5mm x 56.5mm
Fitted Stickers3x3 57mm - AoLong Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers3x3 54.6mm - FangShi Stickers
Release Date30 September 2015

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Most Helpful Review

57 of 93 customers found this review helpful
By CHcuber on 05 October 2015
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
Ok, so this cube is pretty weird. So when I got this (at Phillips Exeter cube day ) it felt super scracthy and very springy. Know that I set it up though, it is still scracthy but lost the springy feel. I would recommend this to beginners.

Newest Reviews

2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Ok, I know it is a budget cube, but just...
By Lukas Batema on 30 December 2017
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
I got this cube in the old beginners bundle a while back, and it worked great, till I got back into cubing... a few days ago. It started popping a lot. Very disappointed with this cube. 3/5 stars.
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Good begginer cube
By Jash Singh on 27 December 2017
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
Good cube, performs ok out of the box, after breaking in performs well for a cheap cube. My only problem is that is pops alot
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
By Glen Armstrong on 13 November 2017
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
I've never ever felt a cube like this it just felt so smooth in my hands I didn't know how it could be so good while being so cheap really is my main at the moment replacing my tanglong without a doubt
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Surprisingly good cube
By Greg B on 15 September 2017
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
The quality of budget cubes lately is really amazing. I purchased several of the QiYi Sails to give away as gifts and one to keep as my "camping cube". I wanted a less expensive cube to bring backpacking or camping because I knew it would eventually get dropped in the dirt.

It does feel like a less expensive cube. It's a bit gritty and there's a bit of spring noise. After lubing and tensioning it was feeling better. But let's admit it. Any decent quality cube can get you to the sub-30 second range eventually. It's really more about how the cube feels and how it turns. I haven't had any pops with this cube and after some breaking in it did feel a bit smoother. But it hasn't achieved the "buttery" smoothness I like in my cubes. Still, it's a surprisingly good cube and if you're looking for a less expensive cube to start with or to give away as gifts then this is darn good choice. I'd feel perfectly fine buying a dozen of these for Christmas stocking stuffers knowing that there's nothing about this cube which would fight against a new cuber.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Three and a half
By Mikael Weiss on 10 September 2017
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
This cube is great. I traded for it at a competition and it works great but it does have the tendency to pop and it's cornercutting is not what you would expect from a speed cube these days so if you're a rough Cuber I wouldn't suggest it and a corner broke so I had to order a new one which was a pain and I didn't set up the cube or break it in so I can't say that I know what it is like new out of the box. But overall i like this cube because it feels smooth and stable but not bendable and is my current main. But that might not last long because I only have 2 3x3s including this one and the other one is also a budget cube.
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Great MBLD cube(s)
By Noah Joiner on 15 August 2017
Product: QiYi Sail 3x3
I own 12 of these cubes in total for MBLD and they're fantastic budget cubes. There have been multiple times where I switched to one of these for 3x3 or OH and broke my PB single, then switched back to another cube. These cubes do have a lot of spring noise, and can catch quite a bit, but mostly they work pretty well.
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