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3 of 5 Stars! meh
By Krishna Pallikonda on Thursday 22 March, 2018
Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3x3 M not that good had to tighten cube and magnets were weak

Review of QiYi WuHua 6x6

3 of 5 Stars! It pops
By Adrian Davies on Thursday 22 March, 2018
QiYi WuHua 6x6 When I got the cube it was good and was quite fast but after 5 solves it began to pop once or twice a solve. Also one time I was testing corner cutting it just exploded on me. So I don’t recommend this cube, unless your fine with fixing pops...

Review of Z Pen Holder

5 of 5 Stars! Nice!
By Colin Kim on Thursday 22 March, 2018
Z Pen Holder I got this pen holder for holding pens (obviously) but discovered that another great use for it is to hold lubricant syringes. Instead of holding syringes in a cup or just laying around, it looks much better and is much more convenient to keep my lube in this holder! It's solid, and I don't think it..
4 of 5 Stars! Super fun
By Jesus Jimenez Abril on Thursday 22 March, 2018
Hunter Pillowed 2x4x6 Cuboid It's real fun to solve it but it pops if you are not careful with the alignments in the 2x2 turns. I solved like 7 times and I got three pops, one of them was three external and one internal. Perhaps it would be better after tightening tensions a bit, which can be easily done. The corner stickers'..

Review of Angstrom Valk M

5 of 5 Stars! A really unique solid cube.
By Christopher Lau on Thursday 22 March, 2018
Angstrom Valk M When I first got this cube out of the box, It was pretty controllable and the perfect speed for me (I prefer gummier cubes, but decided to give this a try). It didn't feel especially gummy. After around 50 break-in solves (so far) it has gotten a lot faster, which personally I am not a huge fan of, ..
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4 of 5 Stars! AMAZING.... but only one problem
By Arian Rezaee on Thursday 22 March, 2018
MoFang JiaoShi MFSQ1 Honesty iftgisbis ur first squan. Get it. But dont get it if you are looking for s new one. Dont get me wrong, its awesome bit for some reaaon... it POPS SO MUCH(for me) I had 5 pops after 4 solves on my tgird day. Soooooo yeah. Maybe cuz i turn fast. I dont know. TLDR: Get it if its your f..

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