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The Shadow M is a new factory magnetized 6x6 produced by X-Man Design. At just 189 grams, the Shadow is a lightweight but stable cube, and has a wide variety of features including premium quality ABS primary internals, an anti-dislodgement internal mechanism, and a smooth, buttery feel. This cube features magnetic grooves for precise magnet placement.


Cube Dimensions65.0mm x 65.0mm x 65.0mm
Product Weight188.9g
Release Date21 May 2018

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Most Helpful Review

37 of 40 customers found this review helpful
Instant main
By Anonymous on 21 May 2018
Product: X-Man Shadow 6x6 M
This is better than the Yuxin red M. Please get this. OOTB this was perfect, but not exactly set up the way I wanted it to be. So I added traxxas 50k to the core and inner layers, with 30k on outer tracks and 10k on the pieces. I can not find a better 6x6.

Newest Reviews

1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
AWESOME! Just one small problem...
By Alan Jia on 10 June 2018
Product: X-Man Shadow 6x6 M
This cube is so good after just a bit of break in and lubing. It's incredibly soft and smooth, like the Valk Power, and the first/second layers have great speed! The third's a bit slower, but it's no big deal. During solves, I don't lock up too frequently, and this has led to me breaking all my 6x6 pbs, and my old main was a Cubicle Red M! The only problem is that at least on my tensions, during casual turning, it tends to lock up a bit. This happens on most 6x6s though, so even that isn't too bad. I recommend that you tighten the tensions a bit if you find this, and your Shadow M should pretty much be perfect!
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Very good, pops a bit
By Jonathan Shatos on 07 June 2018
Product: X-Man Shadow 6x6 M
This cube is great, but you do have to keep it at somewhat loose tensions if you want the most out of the cube. Out of the box it is very loose and prone to popping. I tightened it a bit, and it feels great. It is extremely smooth, and feels "buttery". I still have pops right now, but I am trying to find the sweet spot where pops are less frequent but it still turns well. The magnet strength is very nice, and I think they nailed the balance between the strengths in the different layers.

The cube quality itself is very nice. I got the stickered and the stickerless versions, and I am happy with both. The shades on both are very nice, even though I usually use a lighter blue when I can. Also, their new logo looks so good, I am not even going to take it off like I usually do with most cubes.
Really nice! Little squeaky though..
By Mikai Johnson on 04 June 2018
Product: X-Man Shadow 6x6 M
Amazing cube, turns very well. I ordered mine with the Cubicle Pro Shop Service so it was a great feeling cube out of the box. Once the lube wore in (after about 20-25 solves), the cube started to squeak a little bit. Mostly within the second most inner layer (not the middle layer). QiYi I believe has issued a way to lessen the squeak by thoroughly lubing a certain are. It's really not THAT big of a deal. It can get annoying though. Depends on the person.

With the pro shop tensions, this cube can "pop" quite often if you turn too roughly. The "pop" isn't an explosion that'll send you into a state of depression just thinking about putting it back together. It's just that some of the center pieces can dislodge and can be difficult to place back in. I found that it's easier to take the piece(s) completely out and push it back in, but sometimes the lockups are gnarly and if you go too far, you'll end up having to re-assemble a portion of the cube. But since I've learned the cube's limits, the popping and bad catching have slowed up, and I tailored my 6x6 turning style to fit the cube.

The magnet strength is on the light side, but that does not mean they don't do their job. They do serve to stabilize the cube, they could be little stronger without hurting anything but, then again, it's a mass produced 6x6. But the magnets DO make for a pleasant 3x3 stage. Overall, the magnets feel very nice in this puzzle.

For the price, this thing is killer.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Best 6x6 ever
By Darren Arkell on 04 June 2018
Product: X-Man Shadow 6x6 M
right out of the box this puzzle was amazing in my first few solves i beat my average of 5 and got a new PB if i had to pick one down side it would be it locks up a bit if you move to rough but the lock ups come undone really easy.
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful
By KVS Cuber on 26 May 2018
Product: X-Man Shadow 6x6 M
two words WORTH IT. This cube is exactly the type of cube anyone would want to have. It was my main straight out of the box and has a smooth and sandy feel out of the box. I have a review on my youtube channel called: KVS Cuber and that unboxing covers everything about this cube. Awsome cube and worth the money. I have done over 20 solves and no pops at all. Everyone will enjoy this cube!
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