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The all-new Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3 is the modern remake of the WitTwo 2x2 series. It borrows elements from the highly-acclaimed original WitTwo V1 and adds modern features, like a longer corner stalk.

Like the V1, The WitTwo V3 feels slightly bumpy yet controllable right out of the box. Fans of the original WitTwo 2x2 will likely enjoy the V3 as well.


Cube Dimensions50.0mm x 50.0mm x 50.0mm
Product Weight72.2g
Stock Color SchemeWitEden Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers2x2 51mm - WitTwo Stickers
Release Date07 April 2017

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Most Helpful Review

23 of 28 customers found this review helpful
By Nelson Branch on 28 May 2017
Product: Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3
I got this cube a few weeks ago and broke it in with over 1000 solves and its, okay. But out of the box this cube was absolutely terrible, it was so slow, it could barely corner-cut, and it popped so much. But after break- in and lubing with weight 4 and lubical-1, it became meh and do not recomend it, only for collection purposes.

Newest Reviews

Beware dont disassemble
By Antariksh Sinha on 04 April 2018
Product: Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3
This cube is a great cube but when i took it apart to lube it was literally destroyed it was impossible for me to put it back together otherwise great working cube
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful
Do not pop that cube!
By Colby Barradas on 23 March 2018
Product: Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3
The cube worked fine for me but when I took out a piece to lube it, it broke into like 3 or 4 pieces. I had to figure out how to put the corner back together and try and get it back into the cube but I could never get it back in the cube, if someone has tips on fixing this I would like to hear but till then I will not be using this cube.
5 of 28 customers found this review helpful
By Yathurrshan Bala on 21 December 2017
Product: Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3
it's awesome and it is very cool
13 of 18 customers found this review helpful
By So Hung on 16 December 2017
Product: Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3
don't buy it.for me it's too blocky and tight.for me it pops rarely.don't but this cube.
16 of 20 customers found this review helpful
WitEden attempting to get money off of "new" cube
By Kevin Nam on 19 June 2017
Product: Type C WitTwo 2x2 V3
Quite frankly, the V3 is a scam. it feels almost identical to the V2, and is just as crappy as that. DO NOT BUY.

Now for a more serious review:
corner cutting is average, with 45 degree forward and half a piece reverse. the turning is very bumpy, unstable and sandy. I thought these feelings would go away, but after about 300-400 solves, it didn't go away. this cube was a nice commodity in the beginning, but quickly, it became unusable.
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