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The Valk 3 Power M is the newest 3x3 under the iconic Valk line by QiYi MoFangGe. The Valk Power features a dual vertical core, capped pieces, pure primary internals, and a very smooth and soft feel. This version has been pre-magnetized by the factory for a smooth and tactile solving experience.


Cube Dimensions55.5mm x 55.5mm x 55.5mm
Product Weight94.4g
Stock Color SchemeGans/MFG Half-Bright Scheme
Fitted Stickers3x3 55mm - Valk Stickers
Full-Fitted Stickers3x3 55mm - Valk FF Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers3x3 55mm - Valk Stickers
Release Date26 November 2017

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Most Helpful Review

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Nice update to the original Valk
By Mimi Tran on 13 December 2017
Product: Valk 3 Power M
The Valk 3 Power M is a nice update to the original Valk 3. While this cube is not categorically better than its competitors, it has a nice, unique feel, and has all the performance features of a solid flagship 3x3. Whether you like it will largely depend on your personal preference for feel and brand.

After setup, the feel can be best described as smooth and buttery with slight crunch/click. The startup to a turn is crunchy, but when you turn through, the cube rotates smoothly. This combination of feels is unique, and is a defining feature that encourages me to continue to use this cube. I can’t get this feel anywhere else, and I can say with confidence that it is very, very enjoyable.

There are no signs of corner twists, popping, or anything else horribly unpleasant. The corner cutting is great, the new logo is fresh, the extra springs and stickers are generous, and the primary internal parts look cool on the stickerless and white versions (but to me a bit distracting on the black version). The price, $38.99 before any discounts, is also very nice, considering this is a magnetic cube that comes with good packaging and a bunch of cool side accessories. The box wins an award for being far less anger-inducing than its predecessor.

I had three issues with the cube. First, this cube is by far the heaviest out of the three nice flagship cubes (compare its 94.4g weight versus the 76.6g Air SM and the 80.2g GTS2, unmagnetized). This weight is really noticeable, and is there in part due to the addition of the copper casings in the core. While the benefit of extremely high precision is nice from an engineering perspective, I am unsure how much practical advantage it provides, as I’ve never had any issues with misaligned screws on any QiYi MoFangGe 3x3s. To me, the drawback of the extra heft outweighs the benefit of any precision I get from the copper casing. Solving for a long time can get cumbersome, and the copper casing just doesn’t translate to a tangible benefit.

Second, I had slight issues with overturning. The cube snapped more aggressively than I would have liked. Perhaps that was a combination of the mechanism doing its work alongside the positioning of the magnets. I was able to control my overturning issue with a little tightening of the screws, and so in the end, the issue wasn’t serious. On a side note, I totally made the cube sound like an angry cat. But, I assure you, that was intentional. I like cats -- even if they are a bit angry. I’ve found that with some loving care and combination of quality petting and clever bribery, even the angriest cats can be tamed.

Lastly, I noticed that the pieces split slightly whenever I dropped the cube. This problem was especially apparent in the edge pieces. I fixed this (kind of) by wincing and whining loudly every time it happened before pressing the pieces together. I don’t consider this a huge issue, as it is easily fixable. But, it is a slight annoyance -- a nice, flagship cube’s structural integrity should never be an issue. To add, the splitting pieces have also caused me to become super insecure. Now, every time I drop the cube, I feel compelled to check whether the pieces split or not. I’m not sure whether this is healthy, and I think I may need help.

In summary, while the Valk Power M is by no means a perfect cube, it is a very, very good one. It has a unique feel, a fair price, and I like solving on it. The downsides are there, but they don’t deter me much from enjoying that wonderful, dreamy cubing experience that is Mats Valk -- uhh…I mean…the Valk 3 Power M.

Thank you, QiYi MoFangGe, for making another 3x3 with unique character, and for not pushing me to scream “I HATE MY LIFE!!!!” when unboxing this puzzle.

Newest Reviews

1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Very great but not the best on the market
By Lisa Tippie on 27 May 2018
Product: Valk 3 Power M
So when I got this it was very smooth, more smooth than a Valk 3. I’m not a fan of the lube setup-dnm 37 and angstrom lubes with lubicle black give it a better feel, but for me I still prefer an angstrom gan air sm. This cube will definitely fit a lot of people’s turning styles.
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Literally amazing!
By Benjamin Henthorn on 21 May 2018
Product: Valk 3 Power M
First of all, the cube might look a little expensive but it is totally worth it. For starters, I got the $4 lube service that is optional, and have not tensioned the cube yet. Out of the box, you get a pretty smooth and possibly tight and sluggish feel. After a couple hundred solves, the cube starts to loose its smooth feel, and becomes very fast and somewhat crunchy. The magnets are pretty light and weak, but they still give the cube a stable and satisfying feel. Therefore, you can overshoot quite easily, but the corner cutting makes up for it. You can do 45 degrees with little to no effort, and you can do reverse corner cutting at 45 degrees with moderate effort. The only real problem I have is the sitcker qualitly. They start to peel immediatly, but feel really nice. If you buy this cube please get the stickerless version. I enjoy this cube more than a weilong gts2m and a gan air sm. This cube is great!
Really Good Cube!!!
By Eli Shin on 08 May 2018
Product: Valk 3 Power M
When I first got this cube I was very excited! At first ,it was very dry. It was really good. After setting it up with Dnm-7 and Lubicle-1, it was less dry. I definitely like this cube, but never drop it. If you drop it, the pieces will pop out. But you can always just fix it. I was planning this cube to not be that great. The video review made it sound more bad. Its corner cutting is also very awesome.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
By John Godman on 03 May 2018
Product: Valk 3 Power M
Seriously this is a GREAT cube. Corner cutting is on par with most flagship 3x3's and the color shades are awesome. The magnets aren't really that strong, but they help a lot. This cube is a MUST BUY! 10/10
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Just awesome!
By Julian Neubacher on 28 April 2018
Product: Valk 3 Power M
In the first 5 minutes with the cube, it was just uncontrollable and I didn't really feel the magnets. But after a few solves it improved so much that I have no words for it. The magnets have the perfect strength and the corner cutting is just a little over 45% which is awesome. The cube got perfectly controllable.
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
It is my new main
By Noah Ledesma on 21 April 2018
Product: Valk 3 Power M
The reviews for this cube were insanely mixed... Some people loved this cube and some people hated it. I actually love it. I have tried many of the top teir cubes such as the GTS 2M and Gans air UM, but none of the cubes I have tried were as good. The UM feels to clacky and blocky. I think the magnets it the UM feel very strong so the cube is very stable, however even after lube and tensioning this cube does not feel smooth and effortless. The GTS on the other hand is the complete opposite. It feels incredibly buttery and smooth, but the magnets are not strong enough and provide little to no extra stability. I have an aggressive turning style so it was not the right fit for me. The Power M is a perfect mix of the 2 with an amazingly smooth and buttery with magnets that are just strong enough to provide good stability. I'm not sure how its set up but I know I did get the lubicle black pro shop set up for the extra few dollars.
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