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The YJ YuShi 6x6 is a new, lightweight stickerless 6x6 with a low price point. It feels solid yet smooth right out of the box. Great as an inexpensive first 6x6 for those just getting started with big cubes!


Cube Dimensions68.6mm x 68.6mm x 68.6mm
Product Weight222.4g
Release Date26 April 2017


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Most Helpful Review

35 of 51 customers found this review helpful
By Spicy Boi on 30 April 2017
Product: YJ YuShi 6x6
This 6x6 is all around perfect for a beginner. The performance is worth the price, and this will make a great first 6x6. The only downside of this cube is that it's not named the SuShi. Seriously, who doesn't want a cube named the SuShi?

Newest Reviews

1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
By Gabriel Benninghoff on 18 April 2018
Product: YJ YuShi 6x6
I am a new cuber and I got this as my first 6x6. It was okay at first but after my second or third solve I started to hate it. It constantly was having middle pieces spin in place and it locked up a lot. When I was trying to check the tensions and see if I could loosen the screws it popped and now is in shambles. I don’t know if it is even worth putting back together. Maybe if you loosened and set it up better it could be halfway decent. This is mostly a learning cube. Overall I really don’t like this cube.
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Do not buy
By Austin Wood on 10 March 2018
Product: YJ YuShi 6x6
This is my First 6x6 and I used it. Then it exploded and I had to assemble
it. Then I went back to solving. . . it exploded again I lubed it with Qiyi Mofange lube then it turned faster but I would not buy this 6x6
as it pops a-lot corner-cutting will make it explode other than that it is grindy in middle layers and outer layers are kinda gummy don't buy this for speed solving
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
A Bit Gummy, But Good for a Big Cube
By CrazyCubes on 06 February 2018
Product: YJ YuShi 6x6
I think that right out of the box, because I had read a review about it, it might pop, but it did extremely well. It might not be the fastest, but I think that the bigger a cube you get, the slower it is, so I gave it some leeway for that. Putting that aside, it is pretty good for a beginner 6x6!
6 of 7 customers found this review helpful
Good For Everyone
By Branden Ramsthaler on 17 August 2017
Product: YJ YuShi 6x6
I got this cube as my first 6x6, and I was not disappointed. Its outer layers have a crunchy feeling, along with the second layers. The inner layers are a bit more "grindy" then the other ones, but they are useable. I have loosened the tensions a bit and added some DNM 37 to it. It has sped up a bit, and the DNM has helped a bunch!
4 of 11 customers found this review helpful
By David Cygul on 10 July 2017
Product: YJ YuShi 6x6
This 6x6 is stiff out of the box and SUPER GRINDY!! It felt like it was going to explode- and it did, 4 times. half of the cube exploded off of the cube just turning it! I lubed it with dnm-37 it helped a little for a little amount of time. If you want to spend the money, dont get this 6x6.
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