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The latest flagship 3x3 from Yuxin is a light and airy puzzle that offers fast, snappy turning with a very stable feel. All of this at what we consider to be a relatively low price point. This magnetic version has a stronger magnet feel than most other factory magnetized puzzles.


Cube Dimensions55.5mm x 55.5mm x 55.5mm
Product Weight76.0g
Release Date23 April 2018

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Please be advised that some variants of this product are currently not available to ship immediately*:
BlackPre-Order. Expected to ship mid to late June.
*Temporarily backordered or Pre-Order items are marked as in stock and may still be purchased normally. They will be shipped as soon as they are available again.
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Most Helpful Review

38 of 46 customers found this review helpful
Nice Puzzle
By Sean Jenkins on 25 April 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
I have received a prototype of this puzzle and I have to say that this is one of the best 3x3's YuXin has ever made. The magnets are small, and really give a crisp and tactile feel to the cube. I would give it a shot especially if you love inexpensive magnetic cubes.

Newest Reviews

1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
By Kyle Burr on 21 June 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
I have all the flag ships.
I think this cube is a much better choice than the Gan Air SM.
The GTS2M is similar in feel and performance to this cube.
no need to spend extra money on a Gan Air SM that will end up looking like junk and needing new stickers.

The cube gets a 9/10
Best of the Best
By Kevin Kurtz on 19 June 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
I have to say this cube outperforms all my flagship cubes. The turning is flawless and the stickerless version is just amazing. I have gotten all my new PBs on this cube and I will continue to use it as my main.
Fantastic design and amazingly smooth
By Bryan Sullivan on 16 June 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
Out of the box its very dry and a little tight but after tensioning and lubing it moves increadibly smoothly. I average about 25 seconds to solve and it moves fast enough that my fingers have trouble keeping up. It can forward and reverse cut to more than 45° and the magnets give it a very stable feel. Plus the way the pieces fit together I don't believe poping is possible. Likely not a good cube for beginners but overall an amazing design and feel.
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful
By Easton Washburn on 07 June 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
This needs to be offered as an Ångstrom cube as soon as possible. I’ve had my stickerless huanglong m for like 2 hours now and after adding in the ångstrom setup (dignitas on pieces, gravitas on tracks, dnm on pieces, and black inside the centers) plus one drop of lubicle silk this cube has become my favorite. I’ve used the Valk M and the Valk Power M, the GAN Air UM and SM, a GTS 2 M, and this cube at this moment beats any of them in my eyes. It’s light, the shades are bright but not too much so (similar to the GAN 460 stickerless shades), and once it’s slowed down it retains its softness while holding incredible stability. At this price point, the cube is an absolute steal.
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
YuXin Huanglong M 3x3
By Max McCavit on 07 June 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
This speedcube is AMAZING!! I just got it in stickerless, With lubicle Black, and I love it so much!! It’s extremly fast(almost too fast, but I’ll get used to it) and quiet. I love this thing and I recommend it to anyone!!👌🏼😁
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
By Mr Reviw on 06 June 2018
Product: YuXin HuangLong 3x3 M
I love this cube it’s very light and it turns really well with the magnets. This has become my main.
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